With the demise of a young actor ( I’m a mother of two boys so I know how it would hurt), I need to blog on something refreshing that would let me smile. I need something beautiful, something innocent.


And my sister sent me these ( actually an answer to my “request”)









The best time to visit Japan is during spring and I believe sakura is one of the reasons. You can only admire this dainty little flowers for one week in a year before they “float” away. I love how my sister use the word “float” instead of fall. This means that Japanese cherry blossoms is not your usual flowering tree.


When  I opened these photos that my older sister sent, it felt so weird that I can actually “feel” the smell of Japan. Places have their own “scents” right? Do you also feel that? Gee..I am weird. haha.


Anyway, going back to the topic, these are the cherry blossoms that lined the streets of Honmoku ( where my sister lives). After a short walk downhill from their homey residence, you will be presented with these little darlings…






If I will have these on my streets, I wouldn’t mind walking a million miles…just kidding! 🙂





Amongst crisis on Japanese society, their sakura is still a symbol that life must go on. That life is beautiful, just like a sakura. This flower is one of their national symbols and you can see these flowers in their 100 yen coin and in product packaging. Well, it is not surprise though for it is one of the most beautiful creations of nature.


The Japanese also have an old custom of flower viewing known as the “hanami“. “Hana” means flower. Modern observance is basically having  picnic while some go on some drinking spree in various Japanese parks surrounded by these cherry blossoms.


They also have some night viewing for the cherry blossoms. Instead of pale pink, the flowers look almost like ivory. Maybe because of all those lights strategically installed in trees, but they become a new masterpiece.






I will save myself from lecturing you on sakuras and hanami. I’m already on vacation mode with still lots of freelance writer tasks to complete. If you want to know more, click here to read my article on sakura.


Thanks for reading!


Photos courtesy of Alexis L. Thomas

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  1. Awesome sis! Ganda ng trees na ganyan na puro flowers lang. Nice layout too! Fenk na fenk! giantherockstar from GT here. 🙂

  2. Hi sis!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Yes, fenk talaga. Rare moments that even men can appreciate the color of pink.hehe..

    Enjoy your Holy Week!

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