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“Family Fun in Cagayan de Oro City. Mabuhay Magazine, March 2015.



Asean Tripper Magazine



Entrepreneur Magazine- Philippines



July 2014

” Stepping out of the Cubicle”. December2013-January2014




Read full article online: Earn a Decent Living via Freelance Writing




View Travel and Lifestyle Magazine

Trekking in Antique. October 2013.























” A Different World” September 2013.

Click here to read: A Different World


Mabuhay Magazine ( Philippine Airlines’ inflight magazine)



” In the Land of the Giants”, November 2013.


insider iloilo


“Insider’s Guide: Dinagyang Fun in Iloilo” January 2013

Click here to read: Iloilo Dinagyang


festive kalibo

“Festive Kalibo” January 2013.

Click here to read:  Kalibo January 2013



“Boracay Wows the World”. December 2012 ( cover story)

Click here to read: Boracay December 2012




“A Sweet Life in Sugarlandia” . October 2012

Click here to read: Bacolod October 2012




“Guimaras Getaway”. September 2012


The Cheese That Could. Mabuhay Magazine. June 2012

48 Hours in Samal. Mabuhay Magazine. June 2012

ShoeString Diaries: Iloilo . Smile Magazine October 2011

“Negros Occidental, Sugar-free”. Mabuhay Magazine April 2011

“Fruit of the Loom”. Mabuhay Magazine ( Philippine Airline’s in-flight magazine) March 2011

“Highland Breeze”. Mabuhay Magazine February 2011.

“Chicken Inasal”. Urban Living. March 2010.


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