Riding the Bus from Iloilo to Caticlan




Traveling is not just about visiting a new place or your revisiting your favorite destination, it also entails experiencing something new. Often, we look forward to experience a little bit out of our comfort zone. As a resident of Iloilo, we go to Boracay by car. It would be nice to take the bus from Iloilo to Caticlan – with kids!


Bus from Iloilo to Caticlan takes at least 6 hours via Ceres ( name of the bus company). Ceres Bus Terminal bound for Caticlan is located in Tagbak, Jaro. Be careful to tell the taxi/jeepney driver that you are going to Ceres Terminal, not TAGBAK terminal ( Tagbak Terminal is for provincial buses except Ceres and vans); Ceres Bus Lines has their own terminal now.

For our trip, our bus left at 7:30am and arrived at the Jetty port of Caticlan past 2pm.  In terms of schedule, first trip is at 5am and last trip is between 3-4pm ( you will arrive at Caticlan at 10pm). No need for the exact bus, all buses leave every 30 minutes. Just a guide, last trip for the boat at Caticlan going to Boracay is at 7pm.


The terminal was not busy and my kids freely walk towards our bus “stop”.




The bus is equipped with a CR and a Wi-Fi along with TVs though wi-fi was broken in our bus. Still, I was impressed the moment, I stepped on the bus.

This is not the Ceres bus I was used too. ūüėČ





The bus was more comfortable than the bus I took in Malacca and Singapore but buses traveling to Malacca from Singapore are more spacious and they bring us to great dining places.

I’m happy with the new improvements. Bus fare from Iloilo to Caticlan is Php346 ( estimate) with discounts for kids; ¬†what I can remember was that our total fare was Php991.




We only had two major stops – in Passi City and then in Kalibo. I was expecting we would stop in Kalibo longer for lunch but maybe because there were only a few of us, it was only for 15 minutes. No worries, we were full from all the vendors selling bus food.





In general, the ride was a breeze. If you are traveling with kids, pick a weekday to avoid the rush. We also took the back portion of the bus. The empty line of seats became a make-shift bed for sleeping.





I’m glad the boys didn’t utter the notorious line, ” Are we there yet“. Maybe the view from a bus is different from a car? I’m looking forward to more bus ride with these two.


Thanks for reading!

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Flashback Camiguin





Over dinner, my kids and I talked about our summer plans and Camiguin came into discussion. Once in a while, my kids would reminisce our Camiguin adventure, it has been more than a year, but they still giggle about something from Camiguin.  

That reminded me that I didn’t fully blog about that trip. ¬†I blogged sporadically about our great Mindanao adventure, from our epic road trip to attractions we passed along like Maria Cristina falls and hotels where we stayed like Seda Centrio in Cagayan de Oro. ¬† ¬†




Brace yourself, this is going to be long with almost 30 unedited Camiguin photos. My husband’s family hails from Camiguin and I think my husband wanted the kids to enjoy the memories that he has about the island of fire.

On our first night, we didn’t stay in a hotel. We camped out and the kids went bonkers as they played with fire. There was a shack serving as our decent accommodation. You can’t see it clearly but my kids was happy because they thought they successfully made fire ( they just took small embers form the campfire).


The fire lasted all through the night. My husband and kids stayed at their tent.





The morning view….





The main coast of Camiguin is rocky – volcanic rocks, I assume. We love the shade. We stayed on the beach most of the time and only goes to the house to change or eat – just like what my husband did when he was a child.





My husband’s aunt woke us up with warm coffee and native puto maya ( rice cake).



Unplugged! Found toys from nature. Wood as their swords.






With a new airport, Camiguin is kid-friendly. Hope you can visit it with your kids, the island is the perfect place for the rest of the family to have a technology detox.

Water babies will love Camiguin. The island is filled with various springs, with Santo Ni√Īo Cold Spring. According to my husband’s relatives, there are actually three springs there. Now I know why the pool is relatively bigger.





Akira with his rented floatie.. It is really cold by the way.






Another kid-friendly attraction in Camiguin is Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool.





A unique water form thanks to Camiguin’s volcanic nature, Soda Water Swimming Pool is a must because you can’t find like it elsewhere! See how clear the water is.






Does it really taste like soda? It tastes like it, without the carbonated nature or sweet taste. I can’t find the right words to describe the taste but it is not your usual spring water. Well, I think you have to go there yourself.




Soda or plain spring water, we love this natural swimming pool!





If I can go back to Camiguin again, I will dip at the hot spring every single night. My kids had a good sleep after our dip. I have to be honest though, the water was not that hot when we went there.




Now let’s go to the waterfalls. There are two waterfalls open to the public – Katibawasan and Tuasan Falls. Tuasan is the newest attraction in Camiguin and it is developed with access roads.





I wrote a separate blog post on Tuasan Falls. Click here to read the story.

We went to Katabawasan but only my husband and kids dipped. The water was just too cold for me. It was so cold my youngest’s tantrums disappeared as soon as he dipped into the pool. I find the place eerie ( just me ok?).


Because we are white-sand beach lovers, we also took some island hopping trips. Of course, the most famous is White Sand. It can get crowded,  but luckily we were the only group there. We enjoyed eating sea urchin.





On the same day as our White Island trip, we went to Mantigue Island. Not too many visitors visit Mantigue, I suggest to prioritize going here.





I still feel bad that I didn’t go snorkeling while in Mantigue. We had the glass bottom boat ride and the richness of its marine life is unbelievable. You will know why diving is addicting. To read my story on Mantigue Island, click here.


You might think we were wet most of our time while in Camiguin. Well, we were to be honest. We still visited some touristy place like the Sunken Cemetery. Nothing to do there really except for some photos. I guess, you have to snorkel.





Nearby is the ruins of an old church in Camiguin, destroyed along with the local who sought refuge by a strong volcanic eruption.





Because I love ruins, it is pretty nice with great green space for the kids. I just don’t like the caretaker, I feel he was after for tips or something.





One of the tourists told me to try this. I will hear the crying souls..I actually end up laughing – how gullible of me! Kidding aside, I love the place.





We didn’t climb but we bought some souvenir shirts. We are still typical tourists.






Camiguin is great for there are many things to do, strongly connected with nature. We missed checking out their mangrove and the giant clams. Next time for sure.


The island’s scenery is unbeatable. Green and green all over!





I highly recommend Camiguin to all families even those with little kids.





We spent five days in Camiguin, including Christmas. One of the best trips we had as a family as of now. We spent some nights at our relative’s house ( by the beach). For hotels, we also stayed at Volcan Beach Resort. This resort is good for adults. Few rooms and caters more to international tourists.


Paras Beach Resort  has family rooms, great for big groups. And the rates are affordable. I like their staff so much.





We will be back in Camiguin, hopefully the soonest. Of course, we didn’t leave without bringing Camiguin’s sweet lanzones!






Thanks for reading this long post. If you are looking for a place to visit, Camiguin is the place for you. Enjoy!

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KonsultaMD – Your 24/7 Health Hotline Service





Photo by KonsultaMD

Vital to our survival, healthcare will always be a priority. As a mother of two boys, I never risk anything when it comes to my family’s health from proper nutrition to medication. As a millennial, Google has been my doctor, opting to search online whenever I have some questions before going to my doctor. Because sometimes, I’m just being a worry wart and I have accepted that most of the time, I don’t have to go to my doctor for my inquiries. Now, waiting for your turn at your doctor’s clinic is another thing.

That’s why ¬†I was very interested to join the round table discussion for KonsultaMD, a 24/7 healthcare hotline service manned by licensed Filipino doctors, providing medical assessment and information, including basic healthcare and permissible medication over the phone. Operated by Global Teleheath,Inc., an affiliate of leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom and Salud Interactiva, a leader in the health hotline space in Mexico.

With Vinchi Sy-Quia of Global Teleheath Inc., giving more insights and answering all our inquiries about KonsultaMD.


Photo by Jorry Palada

” We are addressing the pain joints in Philippine health care by pulling together a team of skilled and licensed Filipino doctors who are readily available to provide medical assessment, basic healthcare and permissible medication over the phone. Not only do we feel that the local market is ready for this kind of service, we feel there is a great need for it considering the low doctor to patients ratio in the country,” said Maridol Ylanan, CEO of Global Teleheath, Inc.

KonsultaMD provides straightforward help with health and medical-related questions. This includes medical information to common but important questions on pregnancy, infant and/or toddler care, fever and other general ailments, signs and symptoms, diet, and other concerns.


Photo by KonsultaMD

Commercially launched last August 3, 2015, there are 16,000 subscribers ( as of January 2016). Most of callers are women ( 65%), 64% of the callers belong the age bracket of 18-41. I am thrilled with this service, I can get reliable and professional medical information whenever I need it.

KonsultaMD is best for parents who have young children who tend to get sick often.


How can you avail this service?

KonsultaMD is available to Globe and TM customers at affordable subscription plans. Globe Postpaid customers only need to pay a subscription fee of Php150 per month which can be used by up to four additional household members.Globe Prepaid and TM customers may subscribe for Php15 a week, Php60 a month, Php120 every 2 months or Php180 a quarter. Subscription fee is waived for Platinum Elite members.

Calls using Globe or TM are charged Php1 per minute while calls within Metro Manila via landline are currently free. Non-Globe users have to pay the standard NDD rate for calls outside Metro Manila or regular mobile to landline rate, whichever is applicable.

For Globe ( both prepaid and postpaid) and TM customers,  sign up at www.konsulta.md, call (02) 79880 or visit your nearest Globe Store. Platinum Elite members may subscribe via their Platinum Relationship Manager. Non-Globe users may visit a Globe Store.

To know more about this promising health hotline service, visit www.konsulta.md

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Finding Time to Work at Home (With Kids!)




More and more individuals choose to work at home. It is more than just the freedom to be with your child or less commuting, but the promise of exponential wealth. Working-at-home for some is like building their own business.

No matter how sweet it may sound, there are many things that you have to think about this style of working. One of them is how to be productive while taking care of your family. It comes as an irony that majority chose to work-at-home to spend more time with their kids, yet here they are, trying to organize their schedule to actually work..and earn money!

There are many tips that you can read and to be honest, they don’t work for everyone. I have learned in the past ¬†six years that there is no single formula on how to work. It is a struggle for me write without being disturbed by a wailing child.

I’m writing this post not just for freelancers but for stay-at-home moms to be productive. Be it for fitness, a new hobby, or socializing.

Yes, my kids are trained that when I’m upstairs facing my laptop, that means I’m working and I can’t be disturbed. However, that also means I have to expect a messy room with papers, toys and empty bottles of Yakult. Sigh!

The best way to find time to write, work at home or simply to have time for yourself is to mix the following “free” times.¬†What I can share to you is to grab the opportunities that you can ACTUALLY work.

Write before they wake up

You often get the tip that you work after the kids go to bed. This didn’t work for me and I think it simply doesn’t. I bet you often find yourself snoozing as soon as the kids are tucked in bed. Particularly among writers, your mind needs to be well-rested to create a wonderful piece. I may still have the energy but my mind is ¬†tired.

My solution? Wake up ahead of others! I think all moms should wake up at least an hour before everyone else to avoid the rush and to enjoy your morning coffee. I like it when I get up at three or four o’clock, enjoy my cup of joe while browsing the net, checking emails and my Twitter.

If I have an assignment, I can write them faster and the output is way better!

Work while they are at school


Obviously, this won’t do with babies. The joy in my heart when finally Liam can be dropped at his playschool without a single tear! Few hours but it is enough for me to craft an article for the magazine.

Work during weekends

This works for me. My help goes to college fulltime therefore, I do most of my writing on weekends. I don’t have to wake up early, ¬†I can shut the door ( just like what I’m doing right now), and work. ¬†Quality time. No interruptions.

Give them gadgets. Seriously!


Did you just raise your brow? I honestly give my kids gadgets. My kids enjoy monitored screen time and so far, it is not a battle. If they are grounded for some reason, so be it. I install educational apps for them too.

When pressed for time, I let them enjoy their games longer than they should and I tell them honestly, ” Mama is working, I’ll let you play more. Please behave. okay?“. Nuff said.

Accept worthy-of-your-time assignments

The most challenging part of my writing is when I gave birth to my second child. A new baby, a four-year-old without any help. It was struggle for me to earn money. My husband told me to stop feeling like a superwoman because I just end up frustrated. I think he is right.

I worked my way up and I don’t do the 5-article-per-day working schedule anymore. I simply can’t do it. If I can, I will be yelling at my kids and feel guilty about it.

To all freelancers, never undersell yourself. As what I emphasized in my article for Entrepreneur Magazine on freelance writing, KNOW YOUR WORTH. Click here for the article.

I only write less than 10 articles per month yet I’m earning more. Raise your rate. It makes me happier because I’m not exhausted and I have more patience with my kids.

Staying at home with kids doesn’t mean our lives must revolve around them 100%. You need to have your own time. Find new hobbies. Earn money. Meet with friends.

Especially for moms..remember this, ” A happy mom is a happy home.

Thanks for reading!!

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Apps I love


While most parents cringe at the thought of letting their kids use gadgets and other hand-held devices, I guiltlessly let my sons play their iPad.


Working at home as a writer with no fulltime help, iPad is one of the best things to my existence. I used to ban gadgets during travel but now, it comes in handy when you want 15 more minutes in bed at a fancy hotel.

I think it depends on the guidelines you give to your kids – and stick to it. So far, my kids and I are in zen when it comes to their iPad usage.

Likewise, I’m sort of semi-homeschooling my preschooler. While he plays, socialize with other kids, and do crafts at school, I am introducing him to reading and writing at home. Interactive and educational apps are one of my tools. So far, I love the educational apps from KIDS ACADEMY.

I discovered these apps since April and so far so good. Liam, my preschooler loves his “study time”. I would like to share to you their three apps that I personally use with Liam.

We first started with this app. Basic reading and writing. Click here to download.

 Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 4.25.26 AM


And interactive workbook to test your little learner. The apps are very user-friendly, your child can easily navigate. It goes without saying that you have to “play” the apps first for a few times with your child before letting him do it on his own. Click here to download this app.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 4.25.59 AM


We just started with this app. Number tracing is more than developing motor skills but letting him recognize the digits- visually and orally. We love the games.  Much more, the Parent Mode Рevery app should have a parent control/mode feature. Here is the link for download.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 4.26.29 AM

We’ve been using Kids Academy for a few months now and you’ll surely love these apps as much as we do.¬†If you are looking for new educational apps for your child, download them all now!

Thanks for reading!

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Of Motherhood and Gratitude

Since June, I was contemplating on what to do to mark another year of freelance writing. Planned on throwing my first blog getaway for you dear readers or treat myself to a solo trip. After all, I will be turning 6 this month as a freelance writer. I have paid my dues and I am extremely satisfied of my hard work.

Then last Tuesday, our pediatrician advised to have my second child, Liam, for a hospital stay after seeing initial result of his X-ray taken a day before after our check-up.

Liam was sick since Friday with fever and he had a very bad cough. I was in denial because of my two boys, Liam is the “healthy” one – exclusively breastfed for 6 months and he never had fever for more than 24 hours.

No full-time help, with my husband working out of town, I was alone but not complaining- there is no reason. As long as ¬†we can provide the best medical care to my child, I’m fine.

Went home, packed our bags, planned on Aki’s ( my eldest) schedule while I’m away at the hospital, and spent an hour conditioning Liam on what to expect for a hospital stay. My fear was Liam screaming as nurses complete all tests and procedures. Thanks to Google for giving me cute images of children in the hospital.

Liam was physically fine that day, he walked with me around the hospital, processing his admission and all those stuff but his eyes were weary and his voice gloomy.

Taken after his IV insertion, blood test and skin test. Not a single tear, thus, explaining my smile. You’re a trouper Liam!

liam hospital


Nebulizer at the emergency room.

liam 2


Whenever my kids get sick, I’m always reminded on how I became a freelance writer. That 6 years ago, I prayed what I thought an impossible thing to ask – to spend more time with my son yet still earn money. So here I am, an epiphany that what I should be doing for my 6th anniversary working at home is to remain that gratitude in my heart.

It is not just the gratitude to earn while at home, but to find the thing what I really like to do. I believe that you will naturally excel if you love what you do.  Never in my consciousness that it occurred that I will make a living with words and images.

After 6 days in the hospital due to bronchopneumonia, Liam finally went home and my heart was full of thankfulness to other moms who helped me with my eldest child, Akira – buying school requirements to reaching out to watch over him. It’s a wonderful feeling that fellow moms show their support.



Those days staying at the hospital was a reminder to be thankful each day to have the financial means to be with the kids. To be thankful of the people around you.

I don’t earn that much but it’s okay. Someday, my kids will have their own appointments but while they are little, I just want to be with them.

How about you? What are you thankful for?






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Thanks For That Fruitful Summer


Today is my eldest’s first day in school, my youngest will have his 10 days from now. That means, I’m back to storming what to pack for snacks and lunches, parents’ meetings, football games and those you-need-to-have-more-patience study times. Did I mention that I have to wake up early? Not complaining but it’s not heaven either for a non-morning person like me.

But you know what, I’m actually looking forward for my summer to end. To go back to my kind of grind. Why? Because I had the best summer ever. It was like that craving fully satisfied. Would you mind if I share my summer story with you?

Well, you know it’s always summer in this part of the world. But summer, means vacation, no school — less losyang moments for moms like me. Most of all, summer for me means working and I love working – writing, going on trips and attending events. My work as a freelance writer keeps me sane.

I started my work-and-play summer as one of the guests for 2014 Panaad sa Negros Festival in Bacolod. Just a short boat ride from my home in Iloilo, ¬†but the “me time” was very gratifying. I appreciate and love the people behind Negros Occidental’s tourism.

I also love school vacations because I’m always available for blog events and invitations. I attended the launching of Balay Kawayan in Guimaras and tasting sessions for Promenade Restaurant‘s relaunched buffet and Don Rite Gourmet Food.

More than stories that I can share to you my dear readers, I always look forward to my fellow bloggers’ company.We often find ourselves in unplanned activities like visiting Casa Mariquit at night. Not a single dull moment, I tell you!

Speaking of bloggers, Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2014 with Davao bloggers just made the best concluding chapter of my summer story. Food discoveries, new friends, and seeing more of Davao. Malling with locals means great background stories of their childhood just like shopping at Davao’s oldest mall – Victoria Plaza or discovering the urban “The Peak” at Davao’s Gaisano mall.

With hectic schedules, Davao bloggers – Sarah, Chamee, Renz and Glenn accompanied me for a quick day tour in Samal Island. Thank you so much Team Hugaw!



We also “discovered” a new place – Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary in San Joaquin. Very off-the-beaten path yet marvelous.

Liam and I just dipping in Kuliatan’s clear water.



We went there twice- the second time around with my parents when they visited Iloilo for the Holy Week. Too bad, I brought my camera but left the memory card. Yeah, so clumsy!

I was already “exhausted” with my parents’ traveling. haha. If they are younger, they could be those intrepid backpackers. My mother says and I shall remember that we should travel while we are physically able. Cheers to that!



With my parents during the Holy Week, we visited churches for Visita Iglesia and of course, old houses here in Iloilo. The picture above was taken at Cami√Īa Balay na Bato, enjoying their famous tsokolate.

Then we had a great road tip to Dumaguete from Bacolod – four adults and two little boys in one small car. haha! It was fun and obviously my mother enjoyed the most from our day tour at Antulang Beach Resort to walking and food trips around Dumaguete City.

More than places, this summer vacation is made more memorable with reconnecting with my family and friends. My paternal cousin was our instant guest for my dad’s birthday dinner. I threw my second child, Liam his 4th birthday before my Davao trip.

My favorite is catching up with my college friends though our planned trip was canceled. Still, to see your college roommate who is now based in Moscow after 10 years was already a treat. Time flies to fast indeed especially when you are giggling at photos. Then coffee and dinner with my fellow History majors whom I also traveled to Malalison Island and Tibiao Antique last year.

Places, food and loved ones..I had a delightful and pleasant summer vacation, giving me enough rest and happy molecules inside my body. I am more self-assured that I’ll have more patience as a hands-on mom and fulltime freelance writer.

How about you? Did you have a satisfying summer or you want more?

Thanks for reading!!



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Birthday Party Hacks for Lazy Moms


I’m a lazy mother when it comes to throwing parties. The last party I had in my house was during our house’s blessing, which was 6 years ago.

My second kid, Alfonso Liam turned four years old last May 15th, and just like their previous birthdays, the original plan was to “wake” them up by midnight with a lighted birthday cake and have some family time in a restaurant or go to the beach. But my husband was away for work while I’ll be leaving for Davao the next day, feeling guilty of not giving him a special time. I was also planning to book a night in a nearby hotel because he loves staycations but Liam said he wants Jollibee chicken joy. Spell deprived.


One afternoon after playtime, my eldest told me, ” Mama, Liam invited kid X, Y and Z for his birthday!“. Oh my! Should I just give him a party or not? The next morning, Liam’s Ninang in Canada sent me a cash gift via PayPal and I thought it’s God’s final sign to throw Liam a party. But wait, in two days?!

I’m blogging this one because after watching the photos, my husband said it is really fun to give your child a party even if at simplest form and without the real intention of his parents.hehe. ¬†With just two days and just one helper to help me out with writing assignments and a trip, it was not that easy. But I pulled it off. Let me share some party hacks.

Go digital

A birthday party will never be complete without an invitation. There are many online tools you can use and print right away. Here is Liam’s birthday invitation that I did in less than an hour.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 7.10.17 PM

I printed them on photo paper and I deserved a pat at my back. The look on my child’s eyes as we handed out each invitation door to door was a memory to behold. “ It’s my birthday! Come to my party!

Don’t be shy to use disposable utensils


Cutlery is nice but washing dishes is not. Using disposable utensils especially for children’s parties are quite a norm now. Besides, there are beautiful paper utensils widely available that can add color to your party venue. I reserved the paper plates for the kids and real utensils for my adult visitors but they were gracious to use paper plates. Thank God for good neighbours! My house was clean by 9pm.

Order food or serve ready-to-eat choices

Yes, why complicate life when there are many options? Because it was 2 days before Liam’s party, I thought that it was too late to order food. Instead, I bought a cake from a local bakeshop and ordered pizza and of course, Jollibee!

For appetisers, I served French bread with chicken pátê and Krainer sausages from Don Rite Gourmet Food. All quick and easy and my guests loved them!


Choose baked dishes

If you need to cook, choose baked dishes over stews, stir fry, or grilled. Why? It gives you more time. Just pop in the oven and you can do other dishes or do other things for the event like decorating.


For the adults, we had roasted chicken and lasagna. We only cooked chopsuey because I have one visitor ( Liam’s ninang) who has some dietary restrictions and my helper cooks the best chopsuey.

Limit your number of guests

This must the on top of the list. Haha. Not that you hate people but let’s be frank, you can’t do it. Entertaining them plus having a small space is another issue. I assume people are mature enough not to be feel bad when uninvited. I only invited our neighbours, two of which are Liam’s godmothers and my eldest’s best friend. It was a great time for us to talk again because it was a long time since ¬†we bonded over food.

Happy kids from our block! No games, just eat and watch TV. Then they played outside, giving us time to set the table for the adults.


Ask for suggestions

Reach out to people and they don’t have to be fellow moms. Sometimes, some people have the craziest yet logical idea. Liam was to have a Spiderman party but when I bought the cake days before his birthday, the closest birthday cake on display was Angry Bird. When I came back two days after, I saw a Spiderman cake which was then sold to another customer. Not meant to be mine!

Jorry of ¬†FlavoursofIloilo suggested to place Spiderman on top instead. Cute right? haha. “What’s Spidey doing there?


My sister also suggested adding candies and chips. Never thought of serving chips but it was a good idea. Some kids are picky eaters or don’t eat at all at parties! They just ate the chips and the gummy bears. I know it’s not good but I want them to be happy! No judgement please!


So there you go, that’s how I survived and gave Liam an awesome ( his exact word) party. It doesn’t have to be grand or perfect nor do you have to follow all the rules. ¬†My back was aching a little and had to rush packing my bag for my Davao trip but it was nice leaving my kids for the weekend with a big cake on the fridge and new toys to play while Mama is away.

I did and I think my kids will have it yearly. It’s not that hard at all yet the memories are all worth the extra effort.


How about you? What other party hacks can you share?

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Kids Academy App Review


I have said it many times that iPad has changed and helped me a lot. As a work-at-home ¬†and freelance writer mom with no fulltime help, giving my kids time to play with their iPad gives ¬†me undisturbed time especially when I’m pitching to editors or just to enjoy my cup of coffee.

When traveling for work, that is working on assignment with my kids in tow, apps always come to the rescue. During downtime, I can guiltlessly rest while my kids enjoy some games.

As a mom, I would like to share this app I just found. An educational app developed by Kids Academy.




Between my two kids, my four year-old is more of a challenge because he loves outdoor play more than playing on his gadget. ¬†It’s a good thing but mommies all know, there are time you want them to play for a few minutes. Plus, some apps no matter how easy they seem to be, requires parents to sit down with their kids. And this app saves my day.

Unlike other apps, Liam was very preoccupied with this. I sat with him, the first time, just to introduce to him how to use the app. Among other app I installed, he loves it and our mother and son bonding was smooth sailing. In a few minutes, he ¬†knew how to use the app b himself, laughing and shouting ..”just like school Mama!

When we had a long road trip and I need to lay down for a few minutes, he was having a great time playing with the games. Easy to use and very educational, I am sharing them to fellow parents to get this app. Much more, this is free!




To get this educational app from Kids Academy, download it here. How about you, what app do you get for your kids?

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What if it was your child?



Football is one of the most physical games ever. When my child complained that his opponent hurt him, my brother who played football simply said, ” it’s football, if you don’t want to be hurt, play pingpong“.

During football tournaments, you can see kids rolling in the field, hit by a ball in the chest; young players trying their best not to cry even if it really hurts. I know some kids who don’t want to play football because they are scared of getting hurt or hurting another person. And I often see boys at school with broken arms and legs. I’m kind of preparing myself for such injuries.

But what happens when parents are the violent ones? When the yelling and cheering go beyond the touchline? When it would come to actually hurt another player, your child’s opponent?

My brother tagged me on Facebook about the 18-under division game at the 16th Aboitiz Football Cup in Cebu that went violent.  You can read the story here.

Photo credit: Sunstar Cebu Facebook
Photo credit: Sunstar Cebu Facebook
Photo credit: Sunstar Cebu Facebook page
Photo credit: Sunstar Cebu Facebook page


Uber supportive parents gone totally overboard with violence is nothing new. Google it and you can see a lot of stories that often lead to arrests. ¬†I can’t find any source for the full story about this game between Ateneo de Cebu and Alcoy ( a town in southern Cebu) but I assume based on what I read is the man in gray is the father of the striker from Ateneo de Cebu pinned down by the goalie from Alcoy.

Many commented that the dad was immature and that was my first reaction too. Well, he clearly went overboard causing this injury to the child and talks of suing the dad are circulating.

Photo credit: Sunstar Cebu Facebook page
Photo credit: Sunstar Cebu Facebook page


The dad was of course beaten up online with condemning comments even memes but some also gave their insight justifying the act of the latter.

What if it was your child?

A parent will always defend his child. It’s animal instinct but we are humans and we have conscience.

I will protect my son without hurting another son.

Given all the tension that may occur, I may have screamed or something similar but not to be  a war freak mother. As a writer, I can blog if I badly need to vent out.

I threw the question to my own husband and he said that it all depends on the situation but he won’t hurt another child. It’s too childish.

I hope that the dad did what the guy in black sando did. He ¬†tried to calm down all three people involved – the goalkeeper, the striker and the dad. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Grab the goalie away from your striker son, and yeah, you can shout ¬†or scold at the kid that makes you feel better, but please no violence. Playing at the 18-under division, oh yes, expect brute games.

Lessons learned. I will be more calm and conscious on how I react. I don’t want to be caught in a rage like this. Serves as a good purpose to all “touchdown parents” out there in football and other games to stay in control. As we always tell our kids, ” It’s just a game“.Same goes to the organizers especially when higher age divisions are participating.

And this is my opinion and my take. How about you, if you were in the shoes of the father, would you do the same?













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