How to Get to Tibiao, Antique



Making a name for itself, Antique has finally caught the interest of travelers with Tibiao as one of its main destinations. Right now, Antique is an ” it” destination. Well, with photos of tourists enjoying a kawa bath sprawled over social media, it’s enough to pique our curiosity .

With no direct flights to Antique, and 3 other provinces sharing the same island, how can you get there?


Going to Tibiao via Kalibo

If you don’t have any plans to visit Boracay, you can easily reach Tibiao via Kalibo.


1.From the airport, charter a tricycle to Ceres Bus Terminal.

2. Take the bus going to San Jose Antique

3. Inform the driver or conductor that you heading to Tibiao ( they know exactly where to drop tourists off) for them to take note and you’ll not miss your stop. Or you can inform them to stop at Barangay Importante. Your landmark is the Petron Station across the corner leading to the barangay.

4. Take a single motorcycle to Barangay Tuno ( 70php). During peak season, you will see them crowding the corner, a big help to know your stop.

5. The motorcycle will shortly stop for you to register and pay the  environmental fee for 50PhP, before leading you to your accommodation or destination along Tibiao River.

Travel time – 2 hours



Going to Tibiao via Caticlan

Caticlan airport is the nearest airport to Antique. Its proximity makes Tibiao and the rest of Antique another side trip ideas for Boracay.


    1. From the airport, take a tricycle to the jetty port. Ceres buses are stationed right beside the jetty port. For those coming from Boracay, just exit the port and walk to the terminal.
    2. Follow directions #2-5 from “Going to Tibiao via Kalibo”. Bus fare – Php 100

Travel Time – 1 1/2 hours


Going to Tibiao via Iloilo

If you’re base in Iloilo, like you are visiting with your family in Iloilo, then this should be the only way you travel to Tibiao. Iloilo is the farthest entry port to Antique especially if you are going to Tibio which is already in the northern part of Antique, close to the Aklan-Antique Border.


    1. Go to Molo Terminal, pick a van or bus bound for Caticlan, Pandan, or Culasi. Don’t take the bus going to San Jose Antique or else you have to take another bus to reach Tibiao.
    2. Follow #2-5 of ” Going to Tibiao via Kalibo“. Take note that this route is the opposite way of Kalibo and Caticlan.

Fares –  Bus (Php110); Van ( Php200)

Travel Time – Bus ( 6 hours); Van ( 4 hours)


Which is the best way to reach Tibiao?

Given the travel time, I personally think Caticlan is the best way to reach Tibiao. It is accessible to both Boracay and Tibiao.

Most people think that to get to Antique, you fly to Iloilo but Iloilo is quite far- though the capital of Antique -San Jose- is closest to Iloilo. Of course, you are free to travel to Antique via Iloilo and explore the City of Love and its neighbouring attractions like Guimaras, Concepcion Islands and Isla Gigantes.

Kalibo is also another alternative. You can easily reach and there are more flights compared to Caticlan. If you are not going to Boracay, fly to Kalibo to reach Antique.

If you have questions or information to add, feel free to leave a comment! Appreciate it in advance.

Thank you for reading!

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The Sad Fate of Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls is one of the top attractions in Cebu and one of the must-see falls. Located in Oslob, majority of visitors from the whale sharking watching proceed to this falls. Who can’t be bewitched with this charm?


But this was BEFORE. This is Tumalog Falls now.


If you have been to Tumalog before, you will surely find this heartbreaking. My parents who went to Tumalog Falls a few years back with my sister’s family were disappointed. I think their hearts sank that day.

 It was only drizzling. It seems like the water was just squeezed from its source.



We went there last December and it took me months to blog, hoping it will be back. I just checked latest photos of the falls and it is still the same.


Tumalog Falls turned false?

Back at the Whale Watching orientation pavilion, I saw the circular posted informing tourists that due to the low water supply at Tumalog Falls, they will no longer collect entrance fees. It was dated February 2016 and since it was almost 10 months prior, I thought the notice was void anyway. Besides, it was February, I thought t was due to the impending summer season.

I asked the habal-habal driver if there is still water and they said, ” naa pay gamay“. I read that some find that they are being cheated by the drivers but I can’t blame them. They shared to us how much income before and now that there are less tourists coming.

What happened to Tumalog Falls?


I think this is the question that any returning tourist will ask. The locals first told me it was due to El Niño but they knew I was not buying it. My father, who is a senior, full of wisdom, asked the locals if the kasili died.

Kasili is an fresh water eel that burrows the bottom of cave systems or springs, releasing more water. The elders will tell you that if you kill these kasili, you are killing the spring.  The drivers told my dad that indeed, a lot of dead kasilis dropped into the falls.

I also read online that a reservoir was built, cutting the water supply of Tumalog Falls.

Whatever the real reason is, I hope Tumalog falls can heal. If its man-made, I hope that it can be fixed.




I’m not writing this to discourage visitors


I shy away from writing negative posts. If you don’t like the place, I just don’t write at all, just like you close your mouth if you have nothing else good to say. So why am I writing this?

First, I want to set the expectations of the tourists. I read some bad reviews and I can’t really blame them. Tumalog Falls was such a beauty and in just a few years, it was all gone.

If you are curious and want to visit, go ahead. But this information will give travelers a choice to skip it if they feel that it’s not worth it.

Here I am capturing my parent’s disappointment. The presence of the bamboo indicates that this was a big source of water.


Also, I want tourist to appreciate Tumalog beyond the falls instead. I have seen some photos on social media about the falls. I don’t know if they really enjoyed it or they just pretend to be. We all know how curated and filtered experiences now with social media.

On our part, my kids enjoyed the place. I know they could have enjoyed it a million times.


My kids enjoyed the habal-habal ride too. If only I captured my youngest son’s expression while riding the motorcycle.

The lush vegetation around the falls is a relaxing place. I hope someone can have a brilliant idea on making the place worth visiting again even if Tumalog Falls can’t bounce back ( I hope it will!).


If you are visiting Tumalog Falls, set your expectations and enjoy it as what it is now. Make the best out of it. Let’s not discourage people from skipping it but let’s not sugarcoat it either.

If you came from Tumalog Falls with news that the water is back, please inform me!

Thank you so much for reading! XoXo

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Birthday Weekend in Cebu




I can’t remember that last time I was in Cebu on my birthday. I left Cebu for college when I was 17, going home only for school breaks. Until now that I have kids, I only get a chance to go home during school breaks – this time, my kids’ breaks. I guess when you get “older” ( yes with quotation marks), you want to lean back to where you came from, to the place where you had the best childhood memories.

I booked the flight 10 months ahead. Thank you, seat sale! But our flight was rescheduled at 6am, thus, I had to wake up at 3am after sleeping sporadically because I was paranoid of missing our flight and my kids were uber excited all week! My boys woke up as early as 4am, good job boys!


It was a pleasant flight and I thank God for kid1’s seat mate on the plane. Perfect weather, take off, and landing. Hello Cebu! I’m excited for Mactan Airport’s Terminal 2.


Because it was a weekend, traffic was smooth. We went straight to husband’s hotel in downtown Cebu and blew my birthday candle on top of a decadent bread pudding. As per birthday tradition, off we went to Santo Niño!

I felt that I committed a mortal sin for not visiting Cebu’s top historical site last December when we were in Cebu for more than 2 weeks and I hope I made up for it though. Prayed inside the church and because I insist of historical lessons every time we travel, I felt very lucky that the queue to the Holy Infant Jesus was short.

The last time I paid a visit was more than a decade ago.


I assume taking photos of the religion icon is not allowed inside. I was too shy to even try it because not a single devotee was holding even a phone. The guard didn’t even warn me all the while seeing my big bulky camera but I think, nobody should take photos while inside the holy chamber.

Because there were few people, I had a chance to enjoy a few photo ops outside. This courtyard used to be where devotees light candles.


A Cebuano tradition, something I found it different when I arrived in Iloilo where I had to look for the area in churches where I can light my candles.


Kid 1 was bugging me to go to Magellan’s Cross. He had seen it many times over but maybe it was only lately that it fully drawn to him because of his Social Studies in school.

I don’t know why people are starting to take photos in front of the cross. Kid1 just pulled his little brother, he wanted to show it to his friends. Personally, I don’t like it – it’s a religious object. What do you think?


Let’s have our touristy photos from the outside, shall we?


It’s funny how touristy I felt in my own city but it was great for my children. Completing Cebu’s must-visit historical sites or those thinking about places to visit in Cebu for first time visitors is Fort San Pedro.


If one of my high school barkada is reading this post, she’ll be thinking, ” There she goes again“. I’ve been teased for my undying fascination of forts especially Fort San Pedro. Well, I love history and this Fort brought many childhood memories.


After our Fort San Pedro tour and starting to get sticky, we head off to the mall for lunch and to buy clothes. We traveled light  that I only packed my kid’s sleeping wear. After the mall, we picked up our things at my husband’s hotel to MY hotel.

Hello again, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu!


I’ll never get tired of this view


Thanks for the wonderful flowers and special touches, Marco Polo Cebu. I’m a sucker for hotel room work stations. Not pictured is my birthday cake from the hotel.


While my kids went straight to the pool, I went to the Blu Bar for much deserved cocktails. The best rooftop bar in Cebu.


My birthday lunch came a day late on a Sunday. I love Rico’s Restaurant at Axis in Escario. As I said before, sosyal for a lechon house. If you are looking for where to eat in Cebu or restaurants in Cebu, include this in your list.


Perfect combo!


Across Rico’s is a nice cake shop where we had our dessert. Back at the hotel, my family had a quick bonding at the hotel over pizza, beer, and the famous Malicious cookies. Marco Polo Plaza Cebu sent these as soon as we arrived for my kids but my brother finished them all. Can’t blame him.


Family bonding continued until dinner. Short and sweet with my sister in Japan as the only absentee on my special day. I didn’t take photos of our group, she might cry. haha.

I love taking trips on my birthday where I can enjoy and spoil myself with self-love. Thanks again, Cebu especially to Marco Polo Cebu for the wonderful time. We will be seeing more often from now on, Cebu!



Thanks for reading!

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Saltwater Therapy at Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary




One of the “beliefs” I grew up with is to treat coughs and colds by going to the beach. Maybe it was the changing weather, the hectic school schedules, or the accumulating dust in our house but we were coughing here and there. My husband and I had this beach schedule every 2-3 months, nothing fancy but for us to dip in saltwater.

Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary is one of the many in southern Iloilo, specifically in the town of San Joaquin. So far, Kuliatan is the only marine sanctuary in the area I know that is open for guests. We can go to Guimaras or in Agho but I want to travel near – too many deadlines to beat.


Since I was searching for the therapeutic properties of the sea, Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary fits the bill. The water is very clean not to mention the different corals and fishes you can get to see in the sanctuary.


Rugged and off-the-beaten, the sanctuary is a lovely place to get my kids acquainted with rustic raw nature. A little bit off-cry from the usual hotels and beach resorts, my kids had a good time. I just want to stress that Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary is not for those with little kids or babies, you can bring but expect to dip in one area as the place is mostly of boulder corals and rock formations.


It took some time for us to find our spot and in one of the bigger rocks, we found our space shaped like a mini pool to the delight of my youngest who only swims in deep water. Don’t forget to bring your snorkelling gears! Kuliatan has plenty of fish and I love the different corals underneath!


It was our third time in Kuliatan and maybe next time, we can spend the night. Now that they are bigger, I want to expose them to real adventure hoping to prepare them if they decide to go backpacking in the future. Here are one of the overnight cottages in Kuliatan.


You can also rent them during the day. During our visit, we opted to only get the tables sitting under the trees. Oh naturale!


They had made some changes in the area to make it more comfortable for visitors like cemented pathways. I hope they won’t overdo it and ruin the place. The rocky corals may not make walking perfect but it makes the whole place dramatic.


Summer is here and with school breaks, bring your kids here if you want something that contrasts pristine beaches. Personally, I love coming here because the water is clean and we instantly felt the therapeutic wonders of saltwater at the marine sanctuary.

For contact number and other information, I posted them in my first blog post about Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary. Here it is:

 ” Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary: Is this Iloilo’s Best-Kept Secret?

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Globe Picks: YouTube Kids Channels for Your Kids to Enjoy

Today’s parenting revolves around gadgets with kids as little as 2 capable of “operating” a smart phone. I’m not shy to say that I use technology to babysit the kids, especially when I have deadlines and I don’t want to be bothered. Am I guilty? To be honest, no. I select the right program for the kids and I make sure I can hear the videos they are watching.

They love watching Minecraft videos from DanTDM and Pokemon videos. My main requirement is, no bad words. If you are worried of what your kids are watching and you are not around, I suggest you download YouTube Kids.

Being a parent is tough and our friends from Globe At Home, have chosen top 5 kid-friendly YouTube Kids channels that your kids can enjoy. No need to worry about what they watch even when you’re not around. With Globe At Home, you can have your kids learn fast and surf fast anytime with first world broadband connection! Have your kids enjoy kid-friendly shows from YouTube kids content creators, sing and dance along to tunes, learn from different shows and explore the world around them.

Here are the top 5 shows Globe At Home recommends for your kids to watch:


HooplaKidz TV




HooplaKidz TV is perfect for adventurous kids who want to have fun in the comfort of their own homes! They can follow adorable characters like Gazoon, an elephant living in the wild; the Om Noms, a duo of green creatures who go on zany adventures outside the game Cut the Rope; and Annie, Ben, and Mango, a young girl, dog, and monkey who travel the world making new friends and music.

 Little Baby Bum


Little Baby Bum is made for kids who love music. This channel is filled with nursery rhymes, complemented by entertaining videos. Viewers can watch individual videos, but they can also check the compilations, which can last up to an hour. Apart from being entertaining, the songs are also educational – kids can sing and learn by following nursery rhymes for getting dressed, learning the alphabet, learning to swim, and taking a bath.

Finding Stuff Out


Finding Stuff Out is for the inquisitive child with so many questions. The show is hosted by Harrison Houde who answers science-related questions from its viewers. Throughout the show, Houde has answered questions like “Why can’t humans fly?”, “Why do people have hair?”, and “Why do bats sleep upside down?”.

 Kid Made Modern
4-2Want to make your kid’s TV time productive? Let him or her watch Kid Made Modern! Kids can learn things like how to make wire flowers, tie dye shirts using magic markers, and even how to make a sweater. The instructions are safe and easy to execute, and will be a great bonding session with the parents!


Enter the world of Pocoyo, the four-year old boy who goes on adventures with his friends Pato the duck, Elly the elephant, and Loula the dog. Together, they go on adventures on land, air, sea (and even space), and involves the viewers in their adventures. It’s a fun and interactive show filled with trips, games, music, and lessons.

Let your children discover these shows on YouTube Kids, free with your Globe At Home subscription! Apply for a Globe At Home’s Plans 1299 and up and let your kids be entertained on a bigger screen with fast and reliable internet connection of up to 10Mbps.

For more information on Globe At Home, call 7301010, visit the website at, or any Globe store.

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Megaworld to Open Four Hotels This Year

Three hotels are Megaworld’s local brands, one hotel under the Marriott international brand



Property giant Megaworld is set to open four new hotels under its portfolio within the year, in a bid to further boost tourism in its various developments across the country.

The company is set to open the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Iloilo Business Park and the Savoy Hotel Boracay in Boracay Newcoast by first half of this year, and Savoy Newport Hotel in Newport City and Hotel Lucky Chinatown in Binondo, Manila, by the second half of the year.

The 15-storey Marriott Courtyard Hotel in the 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park township in Mandurriao, Iloilo City, will offer 326 rooms and it will be the first Marriott brand to open in Western Visayas. It is strategically located beside the iconic Iloilo Convention Center.

Last year, Megaworld announced that it is adding the Savoy Hotel brand, alongside Belmont and Richmonde Hotels, as its homegrown hotel brands.

The first Savoy Hotel to be opened will be the Savoy Hotel Boracay Newcoast, a 559-room resort hotel in the 150-hectare Boracay Newcoast development. The six-storey hotel will feature the country’s first concert pool arena, which will be capable of hosting events in a pool setting.

The 11-storey Savoy Newport Hotel, on the other hand, will offer 684 rooms and will add to the growing hotel offerings of the 24/7 leisure and entertainment complex of Newport City, which is the home of the renowned Resorts World Manila.

In Binondo, Manila, the six-storey Hotel Lucky Chinatown will offer 93 guestrooms and will mainly cater to Chinese tourists and businessmen as well as for those who are on a historic tour of Manila.

“We see tourism as a potential driver of growth for Megaworld as we draw more people to our developments. Within the next three to five years, we hope to see a bigger slice of hotel earnings in our revenue pie as we open our new hotels,” says Kevin L. Tan, senior vice president, Megaworld.

To date, Megaworld owns three homegrown hotel brands namely Richmonde Hotel, Belmont Hotel and Savoy Hotel.

The company is operating three Richmonde Hotels in Eastwood City, Ortigas and Iloilo Business Park; and one Belmont Hotel in Newport City. Three more hotels under its portfolio are scheduled for completion within the next five years in various townships.


Source: Press Kit

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Cebu for the Holidays




For months, we planned to spend our Christmas in Mindanao, particularly in my mom’s hometown in Lanao del Norte. But just like any travel plans, last-minute decisions always end up to be the best.

So we decided to spend our holidays in Cebu instead. It was nice since my family is there and my dear friends are also flying over to Cebu. Just perfect.

We started the Christmas holiday with a nice dinner and fireworks display at Day’s Hotel’s The Promenade before leaving for Cebu.



With two weeks to spare in Cebu, we decided to bring our car and traveled by land. Hashtag, road trip!

Two things made this Cebu trip “special”. First, for almost a decade, we got to spend both Christmas and New Year’s Day. Second,  it was my first time to drive in Cebu. Yay!

I asked the kids to help me come up with the highlights of our Cebu trip and here they are…


Ice Skating



SM Cebu used to have an ice skating rink and I can still remember just looking at those  kids enjoying the ice. Imagine my delight when I learned that SM Seaside has an ice skating rink. Obviously, it’s too late for me to enjoy ice skating ( haha!) but the kids just had the best of their times. We went skating twice – on our 3rd day in Cebu and the day before we left. Worth the price.


Cat Cafe


Liam loved the Cat Cafe, located at the Skypark of SM Seaside. Everyone who gets inside needs to order. Surprisingly, the cafe is inexpensive.


Cousin Love


Just two of their ten cousins. My eldest, my melancholic child, shares that the best part of our time in Cebu is visiting their cousins. They seldom see each other and I take pride that my kids bond with their cousins over the holidays.

“High Tech” Cebu


We stayed in one of the hotels in Ayala during our first 5 nights and my eldest was in awe with the buildings. ” Cebu is beautiful, Mama”. It made me realised that whenever we are in Cebu, we seldom go to malls or visit the city center. We prefer staying at home, but I guess I have to expose my kids to city life.

Mama’s 60th birthday


Christmas season will always be special for our family because my parents celebrate their anniversary every December 27th, followed by my mom’s birthday. Because 60th birthday is special according to my mother, we treated them to a 2-nights staycation in Marco Polo. Marco Polo Plaza Cebu was gracious enough to gave me a complimentary overnight stay. More on Marco Polo in a separate post.

Cebu’s mountain barangays


One of the things I take pride is that you can escape the urban in less than 30 minutes, courtesy of the mountain barangays of Cebu.  I love going to Busay and the Trans-National Highway. Whenever we go on a road trip, I find joy traversing the Northern Cebu Protected Landscape with lush mountains and forests.

I also look forward staying in one of the private homes in Cebu’s mountain areas and wish my friend can build a pool in their farm. With my mother’s curiosity, we went to Sirao Flower Farm. Yeah, I know it’s hyped but it was a short drive from Marco Polo. We enjoyed the mountain air and the views. I can’t imagine how harassed the place will be during Sinulog.

Giving back

Photo by Glen Layosa

In lieu of gifts, my high school barkada has an annual gift-giving. This year, we shared some joy to kids in Sitio Babag, Barangay Busay. I was late and got lost but the candy prizes came just in time. 😉

I don’t want to sermon but it’s a nice idea to skip exchanging gifts with your group of friends and come up with an outreach program.

Southern trip


Our southern road trip to Oslob was a double-whammy. We missed the Whale Shark watching ( you need to come early, it ends at 11:30am) and we arrived in a drained Tumalog Falls. A consolation is that we saw the whale sharks even from the shore. I can’t imagine how gigantic they are up close.

Still making the best of our southern road trip, we got to see the coasts of Cebu, ride the habal-habal,  drop by at the heritage church of Boljoon ( pictured above), eat torta in Argao and chicharon in Carcar. It was still a nice day especially for my parents.


Making memories


Sums up our holiday in Cebu. Going beyond the things to do in Cebu or the must-eats in Cebu, weaving new memories especially for my kids is the best part of our trip. Bonding with my family, my kids with their grandparents and cousins as well as catching up with my friends.

There were quite a few things on my list that we missed like visiting museums ( ouch!), but I think there is another time for that. Our last vacation was making the most of urban Cebu with short trips to the mountains and seas, definitely seeing the best of Cebu. There are more to see and enjoy in my hometown and we will surely be back.

See you in a few months, Cebu!

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Vivo Reveals Secret to Perfect Selfies with V5 smartphone




Vivo, the top 5 global smartphone manufacturer, today revealed its secret to perfect selfies with the launch of the Vivo V5 smartphone. The Vivo V5 smartphone boasts Perfect Selfie capabilities with its high-quality front-facing camera, fast performance, and upgraded features that ensure great experiences for its users.

“The V5 embodies Vivo’s relentless pursuit of innovation, with technologies and functions that our consumers look for in their device. With the V5 and its industry-leading features, we continue to push the boundaries of a premium mid-range smartphone as we highlight Vivo’s high standards in smartphone design and feature, “ said Vivo Vice President Hazel Bascon.

Premium mid-range elegance




The Vivo V5 sports an all-metal unibody shell black case that comes in champagne gold and rose gold colors. Up front, it features an 5.5-inch 12x80x720HD display clad in 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass for protection, giving the V5 an ideal premium feel in the hand. Performance wise, the Vivo V5 is equipped with a MediaTek MT6750 octa-core processor running at 1.5GHz and paired with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage expandable via micro SD up to 128GB.

The V5 also features a front-facing fast fingerprint scanner capable of unlocking the smartphone in as fast as 0.2 seconds. It also features fast-charging technology to quickly top-up its 3,000mAh built-in battery.


Redefining the perfect selfie




The Vivo V5 features an innovation that is set to be the benchmark of future smartphones. It is equipped with a 20-megapiel Moonlight front-facing camera featuring a ½.78” Sony IMX376 camera sensor coupled with a 5P lens system and an aperture of f/2.0. It also comes with a front-facing soft-light flash that helps illuminate its subjects whenever they take selfie, ensuring that its users can capture perfect selfies anytime and anywhere.

Meanwhile, its rear camera boasts a 13-megapexiel sensor that features phase-detect autofocus that will help users snap photos as they happen.


Value-added benefits

Vivo’s V5 smartphone is also equipped with a 32-bit AK4376 digital to analog converter HI-FI chip, as well as a new iteration of its propriety operating system, Funtouch OS 2.6, now based on Android’s 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system.

Among its new features is an improved version of Vivo’s take on multitasking, Smart Split 2.0 which allows users to view two apps side-by-side. Another feature is the Eye Protection Mode, which filters blue light from the screen to protect its suers’ eyesight.

“ With the launch of the Vivo V5, Vivo again sets the benchmark of a premium midrange smartphone with perfect selfie features that one would normally only see in flagship offers. Filipinos will once again have a capable and compelling smartphone choice, and one that can fulfill a wide range of roles in their everyday lives, “ added Bascon.

A Plus for the family




Vivo also revealed its upcoming device that is set to supplement the Vivo V5. The Vivo V5 Plus will feature a similar factor as the Vivo V5 smartphone, at 5.5 inches, but will feature a 1920×1080 display and 20-megapixel dual front-facing cameras that are set to enhance the perfect selfie experience of its users.

Vivo also announced Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry as part of the Vivo family. The two-time NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors pointing guard will serve as the new face of the Vivo V5, highlighting its perfect selfie capabilities alongside local influencers like Mccoy de Leon and Verniece Enciso.

“I’m really thankful for being part of the Vivo family and I’m looking forward to doing more activities with Vivo and its Filipino plans soon,” said Curry.


The Vivo V5 Plus will be coming soon on Philippine shores. Meanwhile, the Vivo 5 will be available in Vivo concept stores and major retailers nationwide for PHP12,990. Consumers can also pre-order the V5 smartphone in major retailers starting November 23 to receive exclusive freebies including Vivo peakers, Vivo selfie stick, and a Vivo-branded phone stent.


About Vivo

Vivo is a leading global smartphone brand focused on introducing products with professional-grade audio, extraordinary appearance, and a fast and smooth user experience. The company is committed to developing dynamic and stylish products for energetic and passionate young people. The company had retained its position as a top 5 global smarthphone in the IDC Q2 2016 report.

Visit them on Facebook at



Source: Vivo Philippines Press kit

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Cagayan de Oro’s Stoneware Pottery



I have recently published about Opol’s Ostrich Farm but if you are looking for more things to do in Cagayan de Oro with kids, visit The Stoneware Pottery!

Visiting potteries is not really new to us. For sure your kids have visited potteries during their school field trips, but this pottery in Cagayan de Oro is a first-rate pottery.

 Located in Bull, Cagayan de Oro, the place has been a pottery center not just of the city but in the region. If you hail from the area, Bulua is where you will find other potteries and both locals and tourists can buy pots and other crafts.

What makes Stoneware Pottery remarkable is the fact that it is joint venture with the Germans.  Stoneware uses German white clay and technology, mixing together the local’s long tradition of pottery making.




The material, white clay, is an apparent distinction of Stoneware Pottery and their products.  White clay is imported from Germany.



Their massive kiln. This one is cooking at 940˚C.



You will fine it interesting that some of the fixtures in your favorite hotels and resorts are actually made here. I saw one of the mugs in my favourite coffeeshop in my city.





This is a nice place to visit for all ages. Watching potters working on their creation on the potter’s wheel.





Making final touches..




Never miss the chance to try it yourself!



An educational place to visit for the whole family, The Stoneware Pottery should be on your list when visiting Cagayan de Oro.

The Stoneware Pottery Inc.

Opens from Monday to Saturday (8am-12noon; 1-5pm)

+63 88 583 0012





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Opol’s Ostrich and Crocodile Farm




Mindanao has a lot to offer even for traveling families with kids, particularly if you want to expose your kids to nature and animals from Davao’s Philippine Eagles to the dramatic Maria Cristina Falls of Iligan.

A must-visit for families is the Ostrich and Crocodile Farm in Opol, Misamis Oriental, just outside the city of Cagayan de Oro. My kids have seen ostriches but not in a farm, when you say farm- hundreds of them! This is just a parcel of the whole farm.



Opol’s ostrich farm is a pioneer in the industry. If you have visited your local ostrich farm, there is a big chance that they got their birds from Opol. Our guide told us that even the ostriches in Palawan came from them.



The farm is the source of ostrich meat and some part of the birds like its feathers are responsibly used for other products. If you want to try ostrich meat, you can dine in one of the restaurants in Cagayan de Oro.

The number of ostriches is not the only thing that will amaze you when visiting this farm. Visitors will get to see the life stages of the world’s living tallest birds from eggs to adults.



When visiting the farm, always ask for the ostrich egg and hold them! How many omelettes do you think we can make from these eggs?



Tried to walk on ostrich egg shells.



First time to see ostrich chicks. They are the cutest!



I would say, teenager ostriches?



Their beaks and height are intimidating but they  sweet creatures.


Opol farm is not only a trailblazer in ostrich raising but in crocodile as well. There were only few crocodiles at the farm, but it was fine. We often meet crocodiles in human form in our daily lives, right? 😉



The farm also has peasants, peacocks, sheep, goats and other farm animals.

If you are looking for a family-friendly attraction in Cagayan de Oro, take a trip outside the city to Opol.

The struggle to get these kids for a photo-op is real.


Even the young at heart will love this attraction near Cagayan de Oro City.




For Opol Ostrich & Crocodile Farm contact information and the likes, click here.











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