7 Reasons Why I love Staying at Ferra Hotel Boracay





There are too many hotels to choose in Boracay.  If you ask me, I will tell you to pick Ferra Hotel Boracay.

I have stayed at Ferra thrice. First was last April 2015 for a media trip, then I brought my husband and kids last October 2015 . Last week, we stayed at Ferra when my sister came home from Japan with her kids.

Thus, I won’t be shy to recommend you this small hotel in Boracay. Here’s why.


Personalized Service, Attention to Details




Ferra Hotel only has 37 guest rooms. This hotel in Boracay benefited from the trend of more guests staying in boutique hotels because they render personalised services. Less guests means each need is taken cared of right away.

For example, my kids and nieces wanted to ride an e-tryk. All we did was informing the lovely ladies at the front desk and they go it for us. Same goes with my massage. Ferra staff provided us with skilled massage therapists. If you need help with your island activities, Ferra Hotel can assist you.

One of the details that I like are flip flops they provide. So, there is no need for me to bring my own rubber flip flops. I’m not sure if this is a big deal for others, but I appreciate it. Staying here thrice, I have seen some additions they fitted to the rooms for their guests to have the best Boracay stay.


Best Rooms




Looking for hotels in Boracay with great rooms was a challenge. Great rooms often come with a price, affordable hotels offer average hotel rooms.  Ferra Hotel Boracay rates is inexpensive yet guests can stay in one of the best rooms in the island. The sleep quality is often mentioned in other Ferra Hotel Boracay review.

When you bring your family to Boracay, you need to double your effort because you want to make sure they will be comfortable and it will pass their own standards. True enough, both my husband and my sister approve Ferra’s rooms.




Great Food for Everyone



Luckily, I have a fair share of hotels serving great food in the island and one of them is Ferra.  On top of their delicious food, they offer a wide variety to suit different palate. Guests at Ferra comes from different countries, and their food caters to each taste buds.

With last week’s trip, my kids can’t live without sinigang and grilled liempo while my Filipino-American nieces want their pasta.   Dinner at Ferra was a success with our kids enjoying their meals. Less hassle for the moms. On top of it all, food is inexpensive.




Their breakfast buffet spread is also good. We love how their staff offered pancakes ( waffles was at the buffet) to the kids. I love their pork longganisa, sister likes their noodles guisado.


Peaceful Boracay Boutique Accommodation




One of the complaints for Boracay hotels is noise – noise from the parties or nearby constructions. At Ferra, you will have a good sleep, especially after a good massage!

I took the photo above when we arrived after a long day at the beach.  Inviting isn’t it? Staying at Ferra also means staying in a safe hotel. I have brought my laptop and other gadgets while at Ferra.




That’s the normal day at Ferra. The lobby is never crowded, giving Ferra this homey vibe. It is relaxing. I think that is one of the many advantages when you book in a small hotel.


Nice Location



Ferra hotel Boracay location is at Bulabog. Bulabog Beach ( photo above) is only 6 minutes away on foot. It is also a short walk from D’mall and White Beach. At first, I thought it was a little bit far ( I was used to staying at White Beach) but it actually isn’t.

Likewise, if you avail watersports activities, they are now done at Bulabog. I like the plan, exclusively giving White Beach to swimming and paraw sailing.

Its location is an assurance of a noise-free stay in the island. Your short walk also let your absorb the unique vibe of Boracay.



Inviting Pool




If you want to stay in a hotel in Boracay with pool, book Ferra Hotel. It has a modern pool, great for quick laps. My kids love their pool and that is their only complaint when we were there- we didn’t give them enough time to swim.




Ferra’s pool is a good place to bring the kids when it is too hot to swim at the beach or pre-bedtime swim to release what is left of their energies.



Rooftop Bar




Aah..my favorite spot at Ferra – Ruf Resto Bar. If you want to spend a peaceful dinner, reserve your seats. I highly recommend this to those traveling with kids. Kids often start acting up when sleepy, just when the adults want to enjoy some “nightlife”.

You are in Boracay, you need to enjoy your mojito! Plus, Ferra Hotel gives complimentary cocktails…love it!

This area gives us the right balance. We enjoyed our drinks while the kids are already asleep at the couch. The bigger kids went to the other part of the bar to watch a movie.  Therefore, if you are parent and want to have some nightlife, stay at Ferra Hotel Boracay.

Inexpensive, safe, relaxing with personalised service, you can never go wrong with Ferra. I have brought my family at Ferra and they all exclaim how great this accommodation is. My sister vowed to go back to Ferra for their next Boracay trip and I’m looking forward bringing my parents to Ferra Hotel, adding more reasons why I love staying at this new hotel in Boracay.

Thank you Ferra Hotel. I think you are one of the biggest factor why my sister’s first Boracay trip was a success. Traveling with 4 kids is no joke, and your hotel made it a breeze. All the best to you, Ferra Hotel!

For Ferra Hotel Boracay contact number and other information, visit their official site – www.ferrahotel.com





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