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I’ve been mentioning Hangout Hotel in my previous posts. Hope you will find this Hangout Hotel review useful when looking for hotels to stay in Malacca.

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With their tag line, “ No Frills, Just Fun“, Hangout belongs to the list of budget hotels in Malacca. Rest assured, you will never go short when it comes to location, safety, and service.





As the cliché goes, ” Location is everything” and true, Hangout’s location makes a big difference when compared to other hotels in Malacca.

Literally on Jonker Street!




If this is your first time in Malacca, staying in hotels in Malacca near Jonker Street is very important. Jonker Street is where all the food action happens  (read: food trip) and it is a few steps away from the cultural center of Malacca for visiting tourists – Dutch Square, Jalan Kuta, to name a few.

Because I got lost in Malacca and went to the “modern” side of the city, I saw few high-end hotels there. They look very good, but what’s the use if they are far from the main attractions of the city?

Travel tip: You don’t have to stay in luxurious hotels if your itinerary calls you to be out most of the day – all you need is safe and tidy room to spend the night.

This is another shot of the hotel taken from the side of the river while I was just wandering around the city.


Hangout Hotel is the answer to where to stay in Melaka ( Malay for Malacca) with kids. Because it is close to the main attractions, you can take a break from your tour and rest in the hotel for a few minutes. I myself, kept on going back to the hotel – refilling my water bottle, leaving my loots I bought from Jonker or basically and sitting at patio area to hide from the sun.

Hangout Hotel is also close to the famous chicken rice ball place. The one where people line up? Yes, you can check if there is a line right outside the hotel patio. 🙂






I apologize to season travelers, I’m a little bit picky when it comes to budget hotel rooms. Maybe because I travel most of the time with my kids and if I do travel solo, I always ask, ” Can I stay here with my kids too?”

In my case, there is a difference between “clean” and “neat”. I had a twin-bed room during my stay at Hangout Hotel. The cool colors of its walls were therapeutic for someone who was traveling for almost 24 hours.



You will also love the little touches of the hotel like these framed photographs of Old Malacca. Because Hangout Hotel is a converted building, the rooms are not spacious but not cramped either.

Its bathroom is adequate in both size and amenities.




For a converted building, it is impressive that the hotel have installed an elevator. My room is located on the top floor – 4th floor. And this is my window view – the rooftop terrace.





The Lookout Terrace

Nothing compares to the view you will get from their lookout terrace. When I arrived in Malacca, I spent almost an hour just enjoying this view with my coffee and listening to Malay call of prayer.



You can literally hangout here. Too bad I was too tired that I slept early. Love their beds and the soothing lights. For someone who is not used to solo travel, I had a very good rest at the hotel.

The very next morning, these are just some of the views..tiled roofs of Jonker Street and temples.




I was fascinated with the Chinese architecture of Malacca. This is also a good vintage spot for photographers.


Facilities and amenities




Hangout Hotel @ Jonker, provides ample facilities. Wi-fi even in rooms and for those who need to use computers ( for travel writers like me), they have PC units at their LogOut Cyber Corner.

I love the all-day coffee and tea  at VegOut Lounge. They also have a microwave if you like to reheat food or make simple meals. Malacca is very hot and muggy, I saved from buying water since I just have to refill them.




For breakfast, they offer toasts and jam with coffee. I’m totally fine with it. You don’t need a buffet breakfast when in Jonker. Go out and enjoy Malaccan food!




Safety and Customer Service




I like to emphasize how safe it is to stay in this hotel in Malacca. For a small hotel, it is impressive that they ensure that guests feel safe. The sliding door that connects the reception area to the lounge area requires a key-card. Thus, it is open 24/7 for hotel-guests only.

Staff are not just friendly, there were very helpful. I think I abused one of their staff, Mr. Wong. haha. I appreciate all the local and inside information he gave me. Just perfect when you are writing an article about Malacca.

Guests can feel free to ask for recommendations. No, they are not the concierge type who gets commissions to every guest they bring to a restaurant. They will also recommend places based on the experiences of previous guests.

Thank you Hangout Hotel @ Jonker for making my Malacca trip hassle-free! Looking forward staying with you again!

For more information and rates, check out Hangout Hotel @ Jonker.


Hangout Hotel at Jonker

19 & 21 Lorong Hang Jebat,

75200 Melaka

Tel: +60-6-2828318

Fax: +60-6-2922318




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