Supplementing Your Freelance Income with Ebay

I have read several blogs about freelance writing and often times topics such as supplementing your income are discussed. What does this mean? This simply mean that you have to find other sources of income online aside from freelance writing.

And on my case as a freelance writer, I have opted for online selling. I have always wanted to have my own boutique and since I am in the online world now, I have chosen to sell online. Online shopping is a craze now – looking for uniue pieces at the convenience of your home.

Since, I am just new as an online seller, Ebay is my bff :-). I have sold three items already , some were old books and my son’s old shoes. But Ebay is not just a place to transform your trash into money. There are many items there that are new and I have decided to sell new and handcrafted products.

Elastic Bangles
Twisted Necklaces of Glass and Coco beads
Twisted Necklaces of Glass and Coco beads

As a freelance writer, it is easy for me to write product descriptions and I enjoy taking photos of my items. With the help of my bff Joanne, we are now selling several items. (I’m Ebay seller val_lumanog)

If you are interested in this kind of business, start selling your old things. Books and vintage items are popular in Ebay..Then start or expand your product line with new products like RTW, gift items, even appliances. Take a good photo that potential buyers can really imagine what the product looks like and give a good price.

Also, be nice and accommodating to your clients. Dont think too much of the profit that you will yield. So increase your freelance income with ebay!

Happy Selling!

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Out of the Blue

One Thursday night, I was so bored or just felt like an enemy of the state that my actions were somehow restricted. If you want to know more, don’t bother for I will not tell you.. 🙂

The good thing is that out of my temporary insanity that day..I scribbled something and composed this in 3 minutes or so…

Not polished but worth sharing I guess…

Think of Me

Is he thinking of me?

Do I ever cross his mind?

As I hold my cup of tea

Missing him terribly and oh so all alone

I wonder how he looks at her

For just the thoughts of it make me cry.

When he kisses her

Does he desire that they were my lips?

When he holds her

Does he long to have me instead?

Oh I know I have to give him time

To spend with his real girl

But I can’t help and

Asks if he thinks of me

Even for a second or two

When he stares at her

Is it the same twinkling in his eyes

When we gaze at each other?

And as he touches her

Is it the same caress I felt

Way beyond skin deep?

Or does he whisper the same words

That flutters my heart

And keeps me awake in so many nights?

Oh, I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way

Coz I know I don’t have the right

And I’m not his girl

But still, I wonder if

He ever thinks of me.

“Please think of me..”

That’s what my selfish heart is begging

And even if he’s with her

As long as he thinks of me

I would patiently wait for him

To be mine again.

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Hail To Unlitxt!

Sa Globe abot ko ang Cebu!

I have heard about Unlimited text promos from different mobile companies with my friends asking if they are sending messages to Globe or Smart. “Why does it matter?”, that was always my reaction. I have never been a texter, I’m a chatter with YM, Skype and Facebook in tow.

But I joined the bandwagon just last week when my two close friends were heartbroken and I want to be there for them even from a distance. Worse, I lost my connection…thanks SmartBro!

So, my friend Cyril told me to use Unlitxt by Globe and the rest is history. I can’t live without Unlitxt now! I’m still not a texter compared to other people. But for only 20 pesos, it is a good bargain.

My friends and my husband is a Globe Subscriber while my mom and another friend are Touch Mobile subscribers. So, it is really a bargain for me. It’s nice to constantly keep in touch with my family and friends in Cebu without sitting in front of my PC all day.

When we were traveling, to spend some time…I send and received at least 200 messages..haha! I felt I made vengeance towards Globe who made a lot of profits..but still..I love GLobe and hail Unlitxt!

to subscribe text “UNLITXT20” to 8888 unlimited text messages for a day Gobe-Globe/TM for 1 day.. maintain a balance of at least 1 peso

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Growing Up Too Fast

Scribbling Aki

I have said this to a lot of my friends, my son Akira is growing up to fast! I can still vividly remember shopping for his first booties while I was in Japan and just a few days ago, I was shopping for his school supplies. Time sometimes flies at the speed of light.

My son is now going to school and as of this writing four more days to go and I have to leave him in a playschool. A freelance writer like me doesn’t really have the need to send my son to a playschool but as an only child, I want him to socialize with other kids. Our aim was for our son to conquer his shyness and be sociable – like his parents!

On my side, even if I have control of my time as a freelance writer  there are time that I need uninterrupted time. When I’m discussing projects with clients, I’m hoping that my son won’t ask for any attention or bother me.

I’m looking forward to writing projects while waiting for my son’s “classes” to end. And since he is enrolled in the institution that I and my husband received our formal education, I am very assured of his safety.

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Rain, Rain Go Away..

Countdown …4 days more and my buddies and I will be lying on the beach just unwinding and chilling. But as that day approaches, rain keeps on pouring. Along with strong gusts of wind and thunders..I keep on praying that we will have a perfect day this weekend.

We will be in Guisi Beach in Guimaras Island – one of the most secluded beaches in the island. This beach is free from noisy tourists and located on the southernmost tip of the island. My friends are hoping and praying to have a sunny day to swim and take great photos.

We have everything set from my friends’ leave requests from work to our room. All we have to see is the weather that day– sunny and cloudless skies.

Few more days to go..let the rain pour, as long as we have the perfect weather in Guimaras!

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Funny huh?

Well, working as a freelance writer made me learn many things. I have written hundreds of travel articles covering several European destination sand with writing, I have crossed borders within the scope of my mind. I have learned so many things and learn places and sights I never thought existed in this world.

Here are some of them:

  • Residents in one town of Greece literally found gold when German soldiers placed their gold in cans and buried them in the beach. The German soldiers hoped to dig them up when WWII would end.
  • Malta, off the coast of Africa in the Mediterranean is richer and more vibrant than you think
  • People from Tunisians look totally different as I thought they were ( I was so ignorant!)
  • Some resorts import their golden sand from the Sahara desert!

This is the beauty of freelance writing,  I keep on learning. I thought for a while that I can only expereince this when I was still teaching.  We cannot deny that when you teach, you learn more. You learn about other people, and become more adept in your subject matter with insights from my students.

And now, as a freelance writer I feel that the book of knowledge is in my fingertips as I push the keyboards to fill a whole document. They say that time is the greatest perk of being a freelance writer, but knowledge comes next. With several topics, you learn – or forced to learn since you have to do some researching.

We always learn in life but with this life I’m into..there is more learning. I learn while researching, learn when I’m writing and I learn more in reaching out to my readers. How good is that?

This may be one of the reasons why I will stick with freelance writing. Perks may not be in monetary form but they are totally priceless…..

Happy writing!

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Blogger Mom

I started writing my diary and little notes when I was still in third grade. In this little notebook, I scribbled what I felt from my crushes to disappointments. And till I grew up, I kept journals that became my outlet for expressing myself. When I was pregnant, I jot down my feelings and anxieties.Never had I thought that this old practice of mine is my road to best job of my life – freelance writer.

I am a very jolly and sociable person that I reward myself by keeping some things to myself. I can do this through writing in journals. When I feel bad at a person, I’d rather write my feelings in a journal to avoid saying bad things to that person.

With technology, everything is done online and so are journals.  It was sad to replace my simple journals with my blogs. But blogs are more convenient and more artistic – it’s like combining my journals and scrapbooks!

I love blogging, I can say whatever I want and now I can share it. I’m no longer shy to tell people what I think – I’m no longer hesistant to share something to others.

I feel really good that as a freelance writer, I am paid to blog. Just recently, I created a new blog for a new website called FixMyLove. I find this blog interesting since it talks about relationships and about finding happiness. It is also very easy for me as a blogger since I can write things that are happening to me!

I still wrote one blog entry in FixMyLove and I will add more in the coming days. Please visit my blog and feel free to learn from other blogs. They have some articles that are really useful, not just for women but for men as well.

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