Iron Grill for Busy Moms with Hungry Kids


pizza margherita


Moms with school kids can relate to this – famish kids who need to be fed right after school asap! With our long list of things to do and chores, we don’t have the luxury to prepare cooked meals before picking them up in school. This has been a challenge for me lately with my kids, especially my eldest who seems to be hungry 24/7 and I don’t want to keep myself in the kitchen cooking and preparing food.

That’s why I’m glad we live in Iloilo where food is relatively affordable. If only eating out is not expensive, all parents will just dine out – no cooking and cleaning up and parents have more energy.  More energy means parents are more patient. Last week, I discovered a new dining venue where I can bring my kids for a heavy snack or even dinner post-football practice.

Located at the Lower Ground floor of SM City Iloilo is Iron Grill, one of the latest tenants in the mall, recently opened last month. Iron Grill, as their name suggests offers grilled meals, mostly American as well as local food tagged at affordable prices.

Kids-Approved Meals at Iron Grill Iloilo

Can you believe this hefty serving of Cheesy Backribs ( with rice) is only Php128?


This is great for those with meat-lover kids or older kids with bigger appetite.

Kids love chicken, Iron Grill offers many grilled chicken with rice like this one. Their fried chicken meal is only Php69.


It looks nothing special and I admit that I judged it. Turns out it was a hit! The crust is made from wheat and grilled.


Yum yum!

Your kids will love their chicken and nachos.


Kid1’s favorite at Iron Grill along with their cheesy ribs.


We all love their mojos!


For drinks, have this Dark Chocolate Banana Smoothie (Php130).


Perfect for after-school meals!

Affordable meals for the family

With Iron Grill, you don’t have to worry for spending so much on food even with a big group. Here are more food you can enjoy at Iron Grill.

Don’t miss their steaks.


Iron Grill is the place to go if you want to eat steak for less!


Juicy and cooked the way I like it. If you want it medium or raw, feel free to inform the staff.

The offer beef bowls. I like the spicy kick of this dish.


Hungarian Sausage


For those who want to skip meat, they offer seafood meals like Baked Talaba with cheese. Also available are Spicy Talaba and Wasabi Talaba.They also have Stuffed Grilled Squid but this is something to look forward – Grilled Salmon with Pesto.


To my fellow mommies, don’t torture yourself with all the cooking. If you are pressed for time, feel free to dine out! With Iron Grill, you don’t have to hurt your family’s treasury while serving delicious and non-fastfood meals to your family.

To know more about Iron Grill, visit their Facebook Page.

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AirAsia Delights Guests with Gourmet Meals at Affordable Prices

AirAsiaHotmeals (1)


AirAsia  unveiled its latest in-flight offerings featuring the best of Asean flavours, savoury snacks, healthy food selections, variety of beverages, and special gift items and merchandise. The airline which has been voted the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for nine straight years formally introduced “Santan inflight menu and catalogue” at a press event held in Bohol in partnership with Amorita Resort.

AirAsia Philippines’ Head of Ancillary Karlo Sanchez said, “We are delighted to offer variety and only the best meals from across the Asean region including our very own Filipino Adobo. These hotmeals are available on all AirAsia flights across our extensive network in the whole of Asean, extending as far as India, China, Australia, Japan and United States.”

Among those featured signature dishes are Thai Green Curry with Rice, an aromatic chicken curry infused with authentic Thai spices served with fragrant white rice, Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak, Singapore’s Chicken Rice, and the Philippine’s Chicken Adobo.

AirAsia’s Santan menu is also adding a new dish for pasta lovers with Chicken Lasagne now available onboard and via online pre-booking. Chicken Lasagne is a tantalizing blend of classic creamy cheese and chicken with assorted vegetables adding a refreshing taste.

chicken lasagne KV

“Gourmet experience onboard doesn’t have to be expensive and as an added value for our guests, we are keeping our pricing at affordable levels and at the same time maintaining the high quality and flavour of all our meals,” Sanchez added.

Combo meals or hot meals with choice of drinks are priced at P180 only and to enjoy greater savings, AirAsia encourages guests to pre-book their meals or to purchase their meals in advance online. Guests who pre-book will be assured of meal availability and will enjoy priority meal service onboard.

AirAsia won the World’s Leading Inflight Service title at the World Travel Awards Grand Finals in December 2016, and was also honoured with the Catering Innovation of the Year award by Onboard Hospitality earlier last year.

Guests, media, and bloggers took part in a Santan food tasting session and interactive activities during the formal launch in Amorita Resort. AirAsia will also host food tasting sessions in select BPO offices and malls in Metro Manila.

Follow the AirAsia Santan journey through the hashtag #AirAsiaSantan and get the latest AirAsia news, activities and promotions on Twitter ( and Facebook (

Source: Press Release

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Globe At Home Gives Families a Weekend of Fun Activities and Free Movies at #StreamFest

Online video content selections are growing so quickly that families can now spend an entire weekend just watching the latest movies, TV shows, and viral clips. To showcase how streaming can be a fun bonding pursuit for families, Globe at Home launched #StreamFest, a weekend of free movies, snacks, and loads of fun activities!

#GlobeAtHome #StreamFest

Families enjoyed free screenings of popular Netflix titles like, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Designated Survivor. HOOQ also streamed movies like Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2, and kids spent an afternoon with the new Tangled series through the Disney Channel Apps.

Globe President & CEO, Ernest Cu

#StreamFest also hosted activities led by top local YouTube creators such as beauty Vlogger Anne Clutz, Cosplayer Chris Cantada, and travel Vlogger Patrice Averilla of AVELOVINIT.

YouTube Creators Chris Cantada, Anne Clutz, and Patrice Overall

#StreamFest is our way of bringing together the best in entertainment so that more families can experience it first hand. Through the streaming activities, we were able to showcase how much their connected life can be better when they watch their favorite content all together. This is also our way of introducing our new GoBIG plans that is part of our mission to connect two million homes around the country with leading edge network technology,” says Senior Vice President of Globe At Home Martha Sazon.

Globe at Home’s #StreamFest kicked off in Cebu last July 1 and 2, and families in Manila experienced the fun from July 7 to July 9 at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center and at UP Town Center in Quezon City.

L-R: Host Bianca Gonzalez, Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu, Country Head of Google Philippines Kenneth Lingan,    Globe At Home Head of Marketing Barbie Dapul, Host Mikael Daez

Every family can continue their #StreamFest at home by availing of the new Globe at Home GoBIG plans, which come with bigger data allocations at affordable rates, and fast and reliable speeds. For Plan 1299, customers can enjoy 300GB of data allocation per month with speeds of up to 5Mbps. Those who want to stream more can avail of Plan 1599, which has a data allowance of 400GB and speeds of up to 10Mbps, or Plan 1899, which has 500GB of data and speeds of up to 50Mbps.

All plans come with 100 GB of data exclusive for YouTube, so families can enjoy content from music videos to recipes, DIY clips, and more.

YouTube Creator Anne Clutz live make-up tutorial

Customers also get six months free access to Netflix and Disney Channel apps for award-winning original content and children’s shows, and a two month subscription to HOOQ for a diverse selection of local and foreign titles.

To check the availability of Globe At Home GoBIG plans in your area, visit For more information on the new Globe at Home plans, visit the website at, call the Globe hotline at 730-1010, or visit any Globe Store.

*Source: Globe Press Release
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Taste the Flavor of Modern Iloilo at PUNOT




With all new restaurants in Iloilo sprouting like mushrooms in recent years, it can be hard to decide on where to eat in Iloilo. For visiting tourists or those who want to eat local cuisine, Punot Restaurant is the place to go.  For locals, this restaurant needs no introduction as it has become a gastronomic institution especially in northern Iloilo. For tourists, this is a new place to enjoy Ilonggo cuisine without going to a neighborhood talabahan and seafood restaurant.

Good morning! :))

A post shared by Punot Restaurant Iloilo (@punot_iloilo) on

With their tagline, “ Flavors of Modern Iloilo”, Punot offers not just Ilonggo classics like batchoy and KBL but a twist and an upgrade from what Iloilo is known for – seafoods and affordable ingredients. The result is a menu using local ingredients for less the price. Though they specialize in Ilonggo cuisine, diners are not limited to grilled fish or talaba but to some take and version of regional and even international dishes.

Virtual food tour with Punot

Let’s start with the appetizers of Liempo Chips ( get this if you are dining with kids!), Gambas Ilonggo Style, and Crispy Sriracha Adobo Wings.



What most local restaurants lack is salad – the green salad. At Punot, there are great choices, some with a hint of Ilonggo cuisine adding local ingredients like balingon ( dried anchovies) and green mangoes. Everyone loves this Tres Mangoes Salad.



Crispy lechon with cheese? This is an irresistible appetizer.



Enjoy Filipino Fiesta at Punot

Where should I start?  My favorite – because this is a dish my family loves – Stuffed Crispy Pata Hamonada. It’s hard not to think about Christmas with this dish.



Because Punot is famous for their seafood dishes ( the word “Punot” means “fish cage”), order this to enjoy seafood in Iloilo in just one dish. With Grilled Seafood Fiesta, you have baked imbao ( mangrove clam), crab, dried fish,etc.



A delicacy and expensive in other places – Sizzling Indong (eel)



For chicken lovers, here is Soy Chicken 



and Chicken Cordon Bleu



Their version of Paella Negra



Laing for me  as a Visayan is a love-hate relationship. I love this one.


Always on the menu with a twist – Krispy Kare-Kare


Share this food spread with your family and friends!



Save room for dessert

A sweet way to end your dining experience at Punot is with this dessert sampler. I love samplers, small servings of different choices.



For those with visitors from abroad, halo-halo is always a good choice.




Iloilo local food

Punot also offers Ilonggo must-eats particularly for tourists. This restaurant in Iloilo offers classics like batchoy, KBL, and desserts like Bayi-Bayi Croquettas and Ibos.



Fun twist to Ilonggo kakanin turning them into desserts.



I love this Ibos Skewers with mango and tsokolate dip.



If you are looking not just for the best restaurant in Iloilo city but a dining venue in the city of love where you know everyone will love and enjoy, visit Punot Restaurant.


For more information follow them on Facebook and Instagram!





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Kusina Tsina, Reloaded



” Reloaded”. That’s the word Eugene Chua of Kusina Tsina wants to attach to his gastronomic baby after its renovation and menu relaunch. For me, it was an afternoon of rekindling my love for this Chinese restaurant in Iloilo.

You see, we used to be one of their loyal customers and some bumps along the way – mostly due to service – made us shy away from dining at Kusina Tsina. But it is hard to say goodbye to good food and I appreciate how the owners responded with an open mind to my constructive review of my previous dining experiences at their Chinese restaurant in Iloilo.

As Eugene further shared, if he can only call all of their loyal diners with a not-so-pleasing experience at his restaurant, he would love to invite them over to prove that they have made major tweaks from menu to servers. Therefore, I didn’t hesitate to visit Kusina Tsina again because it will be a chance to interrogate the owners. Kidding.

My return to Kusina Tsina

The first thing I noticed when I entered was the new color – red. When they first expanded, the color theme was orange.  The food photos printed on its walls helped customers in choosing what to order.


The color is not just suited for a Chinese restaurant (Chinese = red), but the color is highly recommended for food and restaurants because the color red makes you eat. That explains why most food company logos are red.


Compared to the first years of Kusina Tsina, their menu now is more varied and I have seen new names like Golden Pumpkin Soup, Polunchay Sauteed in Garlic, and choices under their Roasting menu. Their dim sum choices are affordable ranging from Php65-Php85 . Their roast duck ( 1/2) is the most ” expensive” on the menu, priced at Php900.

Now, what to order? Of course, dim sum! They are just comfort food for everyone, not to mention how budget-friendly they are.

Comforting Chinese Food

My kids love their siomai so much that they know what is good and bad siomai. Kusina Tsina’s siomai was such a hit that Kid1 asked for a second serving. Yeah, he had like 8 pieces of siomai so I think we leave it there. Wanton Siomai Rice Topping (Php98).



Hakao, Php85. I love how translucent the wrappers looked. Inside, it was well stuffed with shrimps.  To be honest, I eat hakao because they look so pretty but this one is just delicious.



I used to eat this at Kusina Tsina when I was pregnant with Kid2.  Lechon Macau, Php220. This time, the serving is way bigger ( so better share it!).




I challenged myself to try something new, so I picked this from their Hotpot menu – Fish Fillet Taosi Beancurd in Pot, Php220.



My goodness, it was love at first taste. I love tofu and with the sauce, I will definitely be getting this for our next visit.

For rice, we had Yang Chow Fried Rice, Php168.



To help me push all these Chinese food into my tummy, I had Fresh Lemonade, Php80.



How do you say, ” Let’s eat!” in Chinese?

Kusina Tsina

New, Better Kusina Tsina

If you can’t make it to their restaurant, they also deliver for free within Iloilo City proper and for a minimum order of Php700 within Iloilo City.

I’m glad to have Kusina Tsina back and can’t wait to enjoy Chinese food again in Iloilo. I’m hoping they can permanently maintain the good food and impeccable service this time around, because Chinese food will always be a hit.

For inquiries, visit their Facebook Page.


Quezon St. Iloilo City


Opening hours- 9:30AM-9PM


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How to Get to Tibiao, Antique



Making a name for itself, Antique has finally caught the interest of travelers with Tibiao as one of its main destinations. Right now, Antique is an ” it” destination. Well, with photos of tourists enjoying a kawa bath sprawled over social media, it’s enough to pique our curiosity .

With no direct flights to Antique, and 3 other provinces sharing the same island, how can you get there?


Going to Tibiao via Kalibo

If you don’t have any plans to visit Boracay, you can easily reach Tibiao via Kalibo.


1.From the airport, charter a tricycle to Ceres Bus Terminal.

2. Take the bus going to San Jose Antique

3. Inform the driver or conductor that you heading to Tibiao ( they know exactly where to drop tourists off) for them to take note and you’ll not miss your stop. Or you can inform them to stop at Barangay Importante. Your landmark is the Petron Station across the corner leading to the barangay.

4. Take a single motorcycle to Barangay Tuno ( 70php). During peak season, you will see them crowding the corner, a big help to know your stop.

5. The motorcycle will shortly stop for you to register and pay the  environmental fee for 50PhP, before leading you to your accommodation or destination along Tibiao River.

Travel time – 2 hours



Going to Tibiao via Caticlan

Caticlan airport is the nearest airport to Antique. Its proximity makes Tibiao and the rest of Antique another side trip ideas for Boracay.


    1. From the airport, take a tricycle to the jetty port. Ceres buses are stationed right beside the jetty port. For those coming from Boracay, just exit the port and walk to the terminal.
    2. Follow directions #2-5 from “Going to Tibiao via Kalibo”. Bus fare – Php 100

Travel Time – 1 1/2 hours


Going to Tibiao via Iloilo

If you’re base in Iloilo, like you are visiting with your family in Iloilo, then this should be the only way you travel to Tibiao. Iloilo is the farthest entry port to Antique especially if you are going to Tibio which is already in the northern part of Antique, close to the Aklan-Antique Border.


    1. Go to Molo Terminal, pick a van or bus bound for Caticlan, Pandan, or Culasi. Don’t take the bus going to San Jose Antique or else you have to take another bus to reach Tibiao.
    2. Follow #2-5 of ” Going to Tibiao via Kalibo“. Take note that this route is the opposite way of Kalibo and Caticlan.

Fares –  Bus (Php110); Van ( Php200)

Travel Time – Bus ( 6 hours); Van ( 4 hours)


Which is the best way to reach Tibiao?

Given the travel time, I personally think Caticlan is the best way to reach Tibiao. It is accessible to both Boracay and Tibiao.

Most people think that to get to Antique, you fly to Iloilo but Iloilo is quite far- though the capital of Antique -San Jose- is closest to Iloilo. Of course, you are free to travel to Antique via Iloilo and explore the City of Love and its neighbouring attractions like Guimaras, Concepcion Islands and Isla Gigantes.

Kalibo is also another alternative. You can easily reach and there are more flights compared to Caticlan. If you are not going to Boracay, fly to Kalibo to reach Antique.

If you have questions or information to add, feel free to leave a comment! Appreciate it in advance.

Thank you for reading!

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Miniso Haul ⎜ ₱1000 Budget

Shopping is one guilty pleasure in Japan. Not just for souvenirs or designer items, there are many things to buy  – most of them are just too cute not to buy or ou only realize you need them when you see them in stores. From hyaku shops ( 100 yen shops) to those nooks in malls filled with dainty stuff, Japanese are good in creating products to fit your lifestyle.

No need to travel to Japan or in other countries to enjoy this kind of shopping. Get to know Miniso, a Japanese designer brand with more than 1000 stores globally including stores in United Arab Emirates and Australia. Locally, they are now everywhere including Miniso Iloilo.

Commencing their arrival in the Visayas, Miniso opened their 11th store in SM City Iloilo last May 3.

The duo behind Miniso is Japanese designer Miyake Jyunya and Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu. Seems like the perfect blend in creating a fast-rising global designer brand.

The ₱1000 Challenge


People are expecting themselves to spend a lot of money in Miniso. Well, who can blame them? Miniso offers affordable items mostly priced at Php99.  I tried to restrain myself and tested on what I can buy in Miniso within my Php1000 budget during the VIP shopping.

I went shopping with my 2 boys, so my haul is pretty much kids and girly stuff. Here they are.


Multifunctional Cosmetics and Jewellery Organizer, Php99 ( make up and tools, not included).


I like that it has a bigger space to put my rings and accessories. The price is also 100% cheaper compared to the previous make up organizer I bought.


Lady’s Romantic Kerchief, Php149 and Sunglasses, 199.


These are just some of travel essentials you can buy at Miniso. The kerchief can be worn around your neck for that Parisian look for your travel #OOTD. I like the sunglasses’ fit. With its affordable price tag, you don’t have to worry if you lost them along your trip or got sand scratches.


Dual Layer Fruit Bowl, Php 149


Sorry, I’m a mom and I cook -sometimes. This is my compulsive shopping “damage” for that day. I like this because it is smaller than what I was using at home.

Now what my boys picked for themselves.


Kid2 got this Flame Rider Transformation Toy, Php149



Kid1 chose Wind Up 3DPuzzle Military Tank, Php99.



As a gift for accompanying me, I got them Building Blocks, Php199.



Checking out our items at the cashier, we got the total amount of Php1,043! Ouch! But hey, I didn’t bring any calculator, neither was I mentally computing our haul. You can forgive me for the Php43 excess, right? 😉

For ₱1000 ( and 43 pesos!), I bought seven items from Miniso Iloilo.


There are more to shop in Miniso from BB creams to Bluetooth keyboard and I’m going back there! To have a glimpse of what they offer, check out my Facebook page.  Miniso Iloilo is located at the Second Floor of SM City Iloilo ( near the Food Hall).

Happy Shopping!

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Converse Summer Spring 2017 Sneaker Collection

Want to know the latest and up an coming designs from Converse? Summer is here and the quest for comfy and stylish sneakers goes on. Find your perfect pair with Converse’s Spring-Summer Collection!




The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Gum is the sequel to the classic All Star sneaker. It mixes things up with gum rubber soles instead of a regular rubber. With the same grip and durability as the classic Chuck II rubber, this sneaker also shares the Lunarlon insole, allowing for all-day comfort.

Highlights of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Gum also include premium canvas upper, gum rubber sidewall and toecap and a padded non-slip tongue.

This is a Chuck that’s been re-designed with your comfort in mind. We like to think that’s a good thing.

Available in low-cut and high-cut, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Gum comes in three colors– black, herbal and obsidian—for only Php 3,990.


The Chuck Taylor All Star II Lux Leather has an embossed polka dot leather upper —a subtle touch for those who like to pay attention to detail that’s worth a second look. Per usual, this Chuck II sneaker features a Lunarlon insole for cushioning, a padded non-slip tongue but also has a micro-perforated leather lining for that extra touch.

Available in white and black, The Chuck Taylor All Star II Lux Leather sneakers is for only

Php 5, 430.



The fit of Lycra, Lunarlon insole, welded micro suede upper and Converse proprietary shield coating keeping you comfortable as you move through the day even in the wet with the new Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Lycra sneakers! This Counter Climate sneaker has also the following features:

  • Water-repellent Shield coated Lycra and
  • Removal of medial eyelets to help keep you dry
  • Reflective pull tab heel counter for easy on and off
  • Padded, gusseted tongue and
  • Lunarlon sock liner for comfort

The Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Lycra is available in black, fresh cyan and ash grey colors for only Php 4,250 at Converse stores nationwide.




The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Craft Leather is the next step in the evolution of comfort found in the regular Chuck II.

Highlights of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Craft include premium leather upper material, padded non-slip tongue, micro-perforated leather lining and Lunarlon insole for cushioning.

This is a Chuck that’s been re-designed with your comfort in mind. We like to think that’s a good thing.

Available in low-cut, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Craft Leather comes in two colors, casino red and black, for only Php 4,550 while high-cut in sharkskin is only Php 4,950.



Born in running, the original Thunderbolt was designed for speed in 1984. A retro running sneaker re-designed, Converse brought it back with advanced cushioning, because you need something classic and comfortable for hitting the pavement. It features a suede and nylon combination upper, forefoot and heel rubber pods for traction and an injected unit sole with a Lunarlon drop-in. With its retro star and chevron logo, the Thunderbolt is for those who want to be fast on their feet off the track.

The Converse Cons ’84 Thunderbolt Ultra is available in magenta glow and porpoise for only Php 3,990.




Timeless court style for today’s streets. The Converse Cons Pro Leather was launched in 1976, and it ruled and ran the court on the feet of future Hall of Famers.

The Converse Cons Pro Leather LP Leather is a low-top take on a legendary basketball silhouette, whether you wear it to make a statement or just to have a classic look. This version features a leather upper and a lightweight, low-profile rubber cup sole that offers a more subtle look. There’s also the Lunarlon insole, which adds necessary cushioning and comfort.

Pay tribute to the attitude of that era with Converse Cons Pro Leather, with or without the short shorts.

The Converse Cons Pro Leather is available for only Php 4,390.


For more designs and styles, visit or

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Tea Time at Mrs. Wharton Pastries



Photo by Feature Iloilo


A new place to enjoy great food and company in Iloilo, Mrs. Wharton offers tea, coffee, and a well selected English cakes and pastries. From the lobby of Spa Riviera, Mrs. Wharton is ready to serve more with their new location at SM City Iloilo’s Southpoint. It is easy to located Mrs. Wharton, as it directly faces the fountain in Southpoint.  Serving British pastries from cakes to scones, this is perfect for post shopping or malling hanging out.

There are two things that Mrs. Wharton distinguishes itself from other cafes or pastry shops – its interiors and British menu.

London bakes and English teas


Iloilo is no doubt haven for food and cake shops provides uncommon baked goods but British, it’s got to be Mrs. Wharton.  Their freshly baked scones for one is my favourite.




Available daily is their British pudding, I brought my parents and kids to Mrs. Wharton on a different occasion and they love the place and the food. Again, something different from the usual.

This is a crowd favorite – Creme Brûlée.


                                                        Photo by Feature Iloilo


Here are other sweet goods you can enjoy at Mrs. Wharton over tea or coffee.











Come to Mrs. Wharton and enjoy Apple Gallettes, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Banana Carrot Cake, Vegan Cake and much more. Follow their Facebook Page to know what is available for the day – they bake fresh every day.

They also serve Lasagna  – a winner! My eldest, who is Garfield in human form loves Mrs. Wharton’s lasagna.

An inviting space at Mrs. Wharton


Mrs. Wharton’s store is dainty with an edge.  Edgy that men will not be intimidated to come in and have tea – you will see distressed tables, exposed pipes, a growing vertical garden and more. . Perfect blend of pretty-ness and industrialism.


Here is Mrs. Wharton herself in her cozy space…



Her place is so Instagrammable, perfect backdrop for photos.




The moment you walk in, you just want to sit on a couch and relax – truly homey with attitude!




You will appreciate the interiors when you know the story behind, from this chandelier that Mrs. Wharton herself made because she can’t find the chandelier that she wanted




to the furniture brought from real markets and repurposed items.




Completing the ambiance is their location right at the end of Southpoint, giving guests a calmer atmosphere even during malling rush hour.  I prefer to visit Mrs. Wharton right before heading home, you’ll be glad to know that they close at 11pm!


So have tea, enjoy the fancy British teas with an Ilonggo touch at Mrs. Wharton Pastries London Bakes and English Teas. Tea time!


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The Sad Fate of Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls is one of the top attractions in Cebu and one of the must-see falls. Located in Oslob, majority of visitors from the whale sharking watching proceed to this falls. Who can’t be bewitched with this charm?


But this was BEFORE. This is Tumalog Falls now.


If you have been to Tumalog before, you will surely find this heartbreaking. My parents who went to Tumalog Falls a few years back with my sister’s family were disappointed. I think their hearts sank that day.

 It was only drizzling. It seems like the water was just squeezed from its source.



We went there last December and it took me months to blog, hoping it will be back. I just checked latest photos of the falls and it is still the same.


Tumalog Falls turned false?

Back at the Whale Watching orientation pavilion, I saw the circular posted informing tourists that due to the low water supply at Tumalog Falls, they will no longer collect entrance fees. It was dated February 2016 and since it was almost 10 months prior, I thought the notice was void anyway. Besides, it was February, I thought t was due to the impending summer season.

I asked the habal-habal driver if there is still water and they said, ” naa pay gamay“. I read that some find that they are being cheated by the drivers but I can’t blame them. They shared to us how much income before and now that there are less tourists coming.

What happened to Tumalog Falls?


I think this is the question that any returning tourist will ask. The locals first told me it was due to El Niño but they knew I was not buying it. My father, who is a senior, full of wisdom, asked the locals if the kasili died.

Kasili is an fresh water eel that burrows the bottom of cave systems or springs, releasing more water. The elders will tell you that if you kill these kasili, you are killing the spring.  The drivers told my dad that indeed, a lot of dead kasilis dropped into the falls.

I also read online that a reservoir was built, cutting the water supply of Tumalog Falls.

Whatever the real reason is, I hope Tumalog falls can heal. If its man-made, I hope that it can be fixed.




I’m not writing this to discourage visitors


I shy away from writing negative posts. If you don’t like the place, I just don’t write at all, just like you close your mouth if you have nothing else good to say. So why am I writing this?

First, I want to set the expectations of the tourists. I read some bad reviews and I can’t really blame them. Tumalog Falls was such a beauty and in just a few years, it was all gone.

If you are curious and want to visit, go ahead. But this information will give travelers a choice to skip it if they feel that it’s not worth it.

Here I am capturing my parent’s disappointment. The presence of the bamboo indicates that this was a big source of water.


Also, I want tourist to appreciate Tumalog beyond the falls instead. I have seen some photos on social media about the falls. I don’t know if they really enjoyed it or they just pretend to be. We all know how curated and filtered experiences now with social media.

On our part, my kids enjoyed the place. I know they could have enjoyed it a million times.


My kids enjoyed the habal-habal ride too. If only I captured my youngest son’s expression while riding the motorcycle.

The lush vegetation around the falls is a relaxing place. I hope someone can have a brilliant idea on making the place worth visiting again even if Tumalog Falls can’t bounce back ( I hope it will!).


If you are visiting Tumalog Falls, set your expectations and enjoy it as what it is now. Make the best out of it. Let’s not discourage people from skipping it but let’s not sugarcoat it either.

If you came from Tumalog Falls with news that the water is back, please inform me!

Thank you so much for reading! XoXo

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