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Zambales, located in the western side of the Central region of Luzon is a frequent choice for those who have a weekend to spare away from the noise and heat of the metro. Traveling time is between 3-4 hours and the province that was once taunted with a volcanic eruption is now a place of stillness with nothing but the open sea, rugged mountains and rock formations.

“Zambales” came from the word “Sambal” an endo-linguistic group that co-existed with the Aetas – the original settlers of the area. A popular destination among young tourists, the province is trying to place its name when it comes to sports tourism with surfing on top of their list.

To most visitors, Zambales is an escape.


Part of the Zambales Mountain range(?).  Beautiful Philippines.

Its terrain gave birth to its coves like the Anawangin Cove, one of the most popular attractions of the province.



Pine-looking trees brought by wind erosion during the Pinatubo eruption. Same with its white-like sand. Calamities are not really “bad”.


Unique from other Philippine destinations, Anawangin Cove is a nice place for camping. But it’s no longer a secret. Just one of the tents during “peak season”.



From coves to rock formations..


The island of Camara



And the famous Capones Island



On this island lies the Faro de Punta Capones or Capones Lighthouse


A Spanish lighthouse but maybe due to its very remote location, it looks less regal. If you have been to Ilocos, Capones Lighthouse will remind you of Bojeador Lighthouse.



Its rocky shore is such a snob


But not when it comes to the view from the lighthouse



Appreciate the simple life at Zambales. Go back to what really delights us – nature.


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