The Town of Tangalan in Aklan – 5 Places to Check Out


The province of Aklan is home to the most famous destination in the country – Boracay. Boracay has captivated the international scene but there are still many unheard nearby destinations, just like the town of Tangalan.

It is situated halfway between Kalibo and Caticlan ( the port of entry to Boracay Island).

If you are looking for new places to visit in Aklan or as part of Boracay side-trips, your travel writer would like to suggest the following attractions in Tangalan.

Tangalan Parish Church


One of the smallest stone churches I have seen but it strongly stands for more than a century. St.John Nepomucene Parish Church is a colonial church made from coral stones gathered from the nearby shore which also connects us to the next attraction.

Afga Wave-Rock Formation


A few minutes from the Poblacion is Barangay Afga offering two attractions. The rock formation of Tangalan is a product of man and nature. Man initiated it and then Mother Nature finished the job to create unique sight.  The shores of Afga was a quarry site for coral stones used to construct houses of the most affluent members of the towns and of the church itself.

Then with erosion brought by the waves, the quarry site gave birth to the wave-like rock formation of Afga.  It spans for a few kilometers. The best time to visit is during low tide.

Afga Point


Just above the Afga Rock Formation, is Afga Point. The municipality is currently working on the area for eco-tourism, building small huts for overnight accommodations. With a lighthouse, all you need is cup of coffee while enjoying the view.

The locals informed us that Afga Point is great for stargazing and full-moon watching. My kids had fun listening to the chirping birds. Along the way, you can see local fishermen tending their nets with women making local crafts.

Jawili  Beach


If you travel to Boracay via Kalibo which entails a 45-minute ride to Caticlan port, you have surely seen the long stretch of unspoilt beaches. One of Aklan’s local beaches is Jawili Beach. The beach stretches far with soft sands perfect if you have small kids like me.  Establishments cater to day trips but there is one small hotel if you wish to spend the night in Jawili Beach.

If you want a peaceful beach in Aklan with some facilities to cater to your needs, Jawili Beach is a good place.

Jawili Falls


A few minutes on foot is Jawili Falls, one of Aklan province’s many falls and springs. The best thing about Jawili Falls is that is located along the road. Again, great for family excursions because you don’t have to be dead tired from trekking before enjoying a cool dip.

The best time to visit  is during rainy season or when it was raining the previous night to see its cascading water. But if its summer or a bright day ( which we all want right?), you can still enjoy the pool. Very safe even for little swimmers.

Our guide, Ms.Angelica from the Tangalan Tourism Office told your travel writer that locals swim in Jawili Beach and then walk to the falls “to rinse”.


So there you have it. If you are a frequent Boracay visitor, gradually explore the rest of Aklan province and you can start with these attractions in Tangalan.

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Thank you Aklan Provincial Tourism and the municipality of Tangalan with Mayor Gene Fuentes for accommodating the travel writer.

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  1. Whenever we go to Boracay, we always ask where else can we go. Thanks for this tip! We’ll visit next time!

  2. Another interesting place to visit! Thanks Val! i will be in Panay Island this September and this will definitely be included on my list.

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