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While locals of Panay island and its neighbors are aware of the beautiful province of Antique, the rest of the country and the world are still unaware of this province. No doubt, an unseen destination.

Antique is a nature-lover’s destination. I recommend Antique for those who want a break from the usual grind of work and family duties, and to those who want to get out of their comfort zone. It is also the best side-trip you’ll have if you are visiting Boracay.

One of the top local spots in the province of Antique is Tibiao.

My overnight travel in Tibiao a year ago is one of the best, not just because of its scenery and attractions, but more because of my companion – my college friends.

From the island of Malalison, we ended our Antique tour in Tibiao. Very provincial and I love the way of living of the locals.

We stayed in this house. The only inn in Tibiao was fully booked when we arrived; luckily, one of the motorcycle drivers are the caretakers of this hut.




It proved to be a blessing. I find our accommodation better and we were taken cared of pretty well.

Our suite room..;)


Manang also cooked for us. The family bought supplies for us like fish and pork. Their son, Yohan was our guide and instant friend.

We arrived early in the morning and wasted no time to swim in the river. My first time. haha! Felt great! Tibiao River is famous for white-rafting but it was summer, not really good for kayaking.


After lunch, with our legs still tired from our trek in Malalison, we headed to Bugtong Bato Falls. The trek is only for 30 minutes but it was tedious for overweight people like me and hey ,we just came from our trek in Malalison!

Still it was fun. It was drizzling, but with my two friends and new-found friend, Yohan, we were laughing and having a blast.




Never miss to experience their Kawa Bath. Here is a separate post I wrote.




Like any adventure, it is best spent with people you love. Haggard looking but happy! Yohan is the abs-man. Look for him in Tibiao!




Tibiao is a good destination to expose your kids to nature. There are new activities in Tibiao; for me Tibiao is a place to just  laze around, enjoy an-hour of bathing in its spring water, and enjoy aswang stories at night!

Hope to visit Tibiao again! Have you been here? Share you story!




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