San Antonio Resort

My family loves to travel and my “job” as a freelance writer benefits when we are on a trip. Even for some short trips,  I can get something to share; not just my travel stories but recommends some facilities like hotels and restaurants to you.

Still on Roxas City, it is an anticipation that you will look for hotels or resorts in Roxas City. If you ask me where to stay in Roxas City, then I can recommend this resort.

We have stayed here countless of times even with my parents when we went to Boracay three years ago. What I love about San Antonio Resort is space. with kids in tow, I need a place that is spacious yet safe.

This resort is one of Roxas City accommodations that passed my “demands” from a hotel. Again, I want a place where I can still work on my freelance writing assignments while having fun with my little boys.

Spanning almost seven hectares of tree lined, meticulously groomed tropical gardens with a lagoon in one corner and the blue waters of the Visayan Sea in another, the resort offers the convenience of both the modern amenities and the charms of nature.

Here are some of our photos while in San Antonio Resort

Lounging with Liam by the veranda. We stayed at the Lagoon Suite.

You will love this view especially in the morning. I love opening our curtains and just wake up to this scenery. With today’s technology, it’s nice to bring back nature.

Liam trying to distract his father.

San Antonio has a small pool but they have a “wading pool” which is great for those with kids below 3 feet.

Two great improvements in this resort is that you can now have Wi-Fi access even in their lagoon rooms. Before, connection was only until the first 3 or 4 rooms from their front desk. My job requires internet access, so this was one of the reasons why I skip this place although I love the resort.

Another is their menu Oh, I love their pasta! Menu is really for international and for those with discriminating taste. I don’t have photos of their food, so better visit their site for this.

I am not connected with this resort so for inquiries like rates, it is best to visit their official site. Click here.

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