Puka Beach, Boracay Island

Puka Beach with Carabao Island from afar...

Whether we like it or not, Boracay is now a very commercialized island with resorts crowding its every space,pubs and bars for nightlife and other commercial establishments. But this island is still a place for those who want to rewind and relax for there are still some beaches in this island that are less crowded compared to its White Beach and a little bit secluded. One of these beaches in the famous Puka Beach.

a perfect shade for beach bums

Puka Beach is located at the northern tip of the island and faces Carabao Island ( part of Romblon), which is now gradually promoted as a tourist destination. There are many ways to reach this spot but the best way is to ride an outrigger motorboat locally known as bangka. This beach is 20-30 minutes from Boracay’s White Beach and you can do this when you avail the different boating services.

welcome to Paradise!

When you arrive, it is like being transported to a different island.  Far from the noise of the White Beach, it is place where you can really own a beach and just enjoy its serenity and pristine sand. Here, you have the coconut trees, soft sand and clear waters. Now, all you need is a good company to savor this rare tropical beauty.

Named after a type of seashell, puka; I hope this beach will remain this way for the longest time. I wouldn’t be shocked either if in a few years, a private resort will stand on its pristine shore. As of now, I urge you to visit the northern beach of Boracay island and enjoy the best beach you can ever have.

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