Negros Museum


I love going to museums and as early as now, I’m installing to my children the fun of going to these places. They may not really be that interested but I want them to be exposed. I have this fantasy that my boys will have their own travel show in the future. haha

Still on Bacolod, we finally visited their museum set in a grand building.  Since I am a freelance writer, it is also a nice topic to feature here.

Negros Museum is located within their provincial capitol. FYI, the complex was designed by the same artist as that of UP Visayas.


Negros Museum


As the Sugar Capital of the Philippines. Their collection centers on life in a sugar plantation. Here my son is doing his cute little antics in a large cooking pan locally known as kawa.
Negros Museum


Their main galleries are actually on the 2nd floor of the building. And it opens to this artificial boat.
Negros Museum


Buglas is the old name of Negros Island. This particular object shows how migration to the island was sparked by the rise of its sugar industry. People from various places in the Philippines even from foreign countries like Japan, China and France settled in Negros for a better life.


Another main structure in any hacienda are the trains. In lieu of trucks, trains were used to transport sugar canes.
Negros Museum


I think this is the main highlight of the museum in terms of exhibit items.

Negros Museum


Antonio Chan became the greatest exporter of sugar all over the Philippines. He is also the father of Jose Mari Chan which still has a vast plantation in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental with Pepsi Co as one of their main clients.

This piano was personally donated by Jose Mari Chan.

Negros Museum

I let Aki play assuming that Jose Mari Chan himself played on this piano. It sounded still very well and the curator didn’t mind my little boy working on the keys.


Here are more from the gallery


Would this be great possessions for those shutterbugs?
Negros Museum


No e-mails yet..

Negros Museum


And we pretended having a coffee break with chinas from Japan.

Negros Museum


Entrance is 20 pesos, photos allowed. It is located at the back of the Provincial Capitol beside their Hall of Justice.  If you are staying hotels located in the main street like L’Fisher, it is just a few minutes of walking.


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  1. Its affordable for 20 pesos dear..and truly through you I have learned that Antonio Chan is Jose Mari Chan’s father..both of them has a great contribution in our nation.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking your time in reading my blog post! Hope to see you here again! 🙂

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