Miniso Haul ⎜ ₱1000 Budget

Shopping is one guilty pleasure in Japan. Not just for souvenirs or designer items, there are many things to buy  – most of them are just too cute not to buy or ou only realize you need them when you see them in stores. From hyaku shops ( 100 yen shops) to those nooks in malls filled with dainty stuff, Japanese are good in creating products to fit your lifestyle.

No need to travel to Japan or in other countries to enjoy this kind of shopping. Get to know Miniso, a Japanese designer brand with more than 1000 stores globally including stores in United Arab Emirates and Australia. Locally, they are now everywhere including Miniso Iloilo.

Commencing their arrival in the Visayas, Miniso opened their 11th store in SM City Iloilo last May 3.

The duo behind Miniso is Japanese designer Miyake Jyunya and Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu. Seems like the perfect blend in creating a fast-rising global designer brand.

The ₱1000 Challenge


People are expecting themselves to spend a lot of money in Miniso. Well, who can blame them? Miniso offers affordable items mostly priced at Php99.  I tried to restrain myself and tested on what I can buy in Miniso within my Php1000 budget during the VIP shopping.

I went shopping with my 2 boys, so my haul is pretty much kids and girly stuff. Here they are.


Multifunctional Cosmetics and Jewellery Organizer, Php99 ( make up and tools, not included).


I like that it has a bigger space to put my rings and accessories. The price is also 100% cheaper compared to the previous make up organizer I bought.


Lady’s Romantic Kerchief, Php149 and Sunglasses, 199.


These are just some of travel essentials you can buy at Miniso. The kerchief can be worn around your neck for that Parisian look for your travel #OOTD. I like the sunglasses’ fit. With its affordable price tag, you don’t have to worry if you lost them along your trip or got sand scratches.


Dual Layer Fruit Bowl, Php 149


Sorry, I’m a mom and I cook -sometimes. This is my compulsive shopping “damage” for that day. I like this because it is smaller than what I was using at home.

Now what my boys picked for themselves.


Kid2 got this Flame Rider Transformation Toy, Php149



Kid1 chose Wind Up 3DPuzzle Military Tank, Php99.



As a gift for accompanying me, I got them Building Blocks, Php199.



Checking out our items at the cashier, we got the total amount of Php1,043! Ouch! But hey, I didn’t bring any calculator, neither was I mentally computing our haul. You can forgive me for the Php43 excess, right? 😉

For ₱1000 ( and 43 pesos!), I bought seven items from Miniso Iloilo.


There are more to shop in Miniso from BB creams to Bluetooth keyboard and I’m going back there! To have a glimpse of what they offer, check out my Facebook page.  Miniso Iloilo is located at the Second Floor of SM City Iloilo ( near the Food Hall).

Happy Shopping!

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