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Oops, I miss featuring travel stories here – hope you are not bored from of all the events posts . Sorry, this has been my day job and events are pretty part of this gig. So here I’m back, looking at albums in my iPhoto, checking for stories that might pique your interest.

Would you like to know about Marzon Hotel?

I choose to write about this hotel in Kalibo in case you’ll be in town for the holidays. First, a disclaimer – this is not a paid post.

So far, this property is good enough for me especially for my kids.


There is a new hotel just across Marzon, but I need to stay there before featuring it here.

So let’s start…



For a small town, it is easy to reach Marzon Hotel. It is still a work in progress, a little bit of eyesore here and there, but I can see improvement like they have a elevator now – a must since they are raising up their building – and a new restaurant at the back of the main building.

This hotel in Kalibo has two buildings, the rooms in the main building are great. My eldest likes it there because of the small veranda but I prefer a more open outdoor space since I have kids who love to run around.

We opted to stay at the smaller building, for the boys to play while I work outside.



Yes, I can’t show you room photos – I’ll try to check my other album for room photos from our previous stays. Blogger parents can surely understand how hard it is to take photos of hotel rooms with your kids. They just attack the bed, while you are tired from the trip. I tried to “fix” it but, my boys have trashed it already.


Here’s my room photo from my overnight stay last December 3 for Globe Telecom’s Noah’s Ark Project in Aklan. I made a short video with another blogger, I’ll share it soon!


Well the rooms at Marzon are neat and visually fine. Amenities are simple and basic but I love the mahogany touches of the rooms. Still, way better compared to other hotels in Kalibo. And yes, Wi-Fi signal is stable.

Parents should check the rooms for hyper active kids. Just be warned not to disturb other guests 🙂




Another reason to stay at Marzon Hotel is the pool – according to my eldest son. Best to swim early morning to avoid the crowd. Thanks to the lifeguard for lending Liam these cutie puppy floaters.



Marzon’s pool. You can see the new restaurant as well.



For the food, nothing superb especially for the breakfast but Cafe Latte ( same company) makes up for the not-so-impressive meals at their in-house diner. Just walk from the hotel and enjoy great food from Latte.

So that’s it. Hope you find this post useful.

Till next time!



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