Kusina Tsina, Reloaded



” Reloaded”. That’s the word Eugene Chua of Kusina Tsina wants to attach to his gastronomic baby after its renovation and menu relaunch. For me, it was an afternoon of rekindling my love for this Chinese restaurant in Iloilo.

You see, we used to be one of their loyal customers and some bumps along the way – mostly due to service – made us shy away from dining at Kusina Tsina. But it is hard to say goodbye to good food and I appreciate how the owners responded with an open mind to my constructive review of my previous dining experiences at their Chinese restaurant in Iloilo.

As Eugene further shared, if he can only call all of their loyal diners with a not-so-pleasing experience at his restaurant, he would love to invite them over to prove that they have made major tweaks from menu to servers. Therefore, I didn’t hesitate to visit Kusina Tsina again because it will be a chance to interrogate the owners. Kidding.

My return to Kusina Tsina

The first thing I noticed when I entered was the new color – red. When they first expanded, the color theme was orange.  The food photos printed on its walls helped customers in choosing what to order.


The color is not just suited for a Chinese restaurant (Chinese = red), but the color is highly recommended for food and restaurants because the color red makes you eat. That explains why most food company logos are red.


Compared to the first years of Kusina Tsina, their menu now is more varied and I have seen new names like Golden Pumpkin Soup, Polunchay Sauteed in Garlic, and choices under their Roasting menu. Their dim sum choices are affordable ranging from Php65-Php85 . Their roast duck ( 1/2) is the most ” expensive” on the menu, priced at Php900.

Now, what to order? Of course, dim sum! They are just comfort food for everyone, not to mention how budget-friendly they are.

Comforting Chinese Food

My kids love their siomai so much that they know what is good and bad siomai. Kusina Tsina’s siomai was such a hit that Kid1 asked for a second serving. Yeah, he had like 8 pieces of siomai so I think we leave it there. Wanton Siomai Rice Topping (Php98).



Hakao, Php85. I love how translucent the wrappers looked. Inside, it was well stuffed with shrimps.  To be honest, I eat hakao because they look so pretty but this one is just delicious.



I used to eat this at Kusina Tsina when I was pregnant with Kid2.  Lechon Macau, Php220. This time, the serving is way bigger ( so better share it!).




I challenged myself to try something new, so I picked this from their Hotpot menu – Fish Fillet Taosi Beancurd in Pot, Php220.



My goodness, it was love at first taste. I love tofu and with the sauce, I will definitely be getting this for our next visit.

For rice, we had Yang Chow Fried Rice, Php168.



To help me push all these Chinese food into my tummy, I had Fresh Lemonade, Php80.



How do you say, ” Let’s eat!” in Chinese?

Kusina Tsina

New, Better Kusina Tsina

If you can’t make it to their restaurant, they also deliver for free within Iloilo City proper and for a minimum order of Php700 within Iloilo City.

I’m glad to have Kusina Tsina back and can’t wait to enjoy Chinese food again in Iloilo. I’m hoping they can permanently maintain the good food and impeccable service this time around, because Chinese food will always be a hit.

For inquiries, visit their Facebook Page.


Quezon St. Iloilo City


Opening hours- 9:30AM-9PM


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