Iron Grill for Busy Moms with Hungry Kids


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Moms with school kids can relate to this – famish kids who need to be fed right after school asap! With our long list of things to do and chores, we don’t have the luxury to prepare cooked meals before picking them up in school. This has been a challenge for me lately with my kids, especially my eldest who seems to be hungry 24/7 and I don’t want to keep myself in the kitchen cooking and preparing food.

That’s why I’m glad we live in Iloilo where food is relatively affordable. If only eating out is not expensive, all parents will just dine out – no cooking and cleaning up and parents have more energy.  More energy means parents are more patient. Last week, I discovered a new dining venue where I can bring my kids for a heavy snack or even dinner post-football practice.

Located at the Lower Ground floor of SM City Iloilo is Iron Grill, one of the latest tenants in the mall, recently opened last month. Iron Grill, as their name suggests offers grilled meals, mostly American as well as local food tagged at affordable prices.

Kids-Approved Meals at Iron Grill Iloilo

Can you believe this hefty serving of Cheesy Backribs ( with rice) is only Php128?


This is great for those with meat-lover kids or older kids with bigger appetite.

Kids love chicken, Iron Grill offers many grilled chicken with rice like this one. Their fried chicken meal is only Php69.


It looks nothing special and I admit that I judged it. Turns out it was a hit! The crust is made from wheat and grilled.


Yum yum!

Your kids will love their chicken and nachos.


Kid1’s favorite at Iron Grill along with their cheesy ribs.


We all love their mojos!


For drinks, have this Dark Chocolate Banana Smoothie (Php130).


Perfect for after-school meals!

Affordable meals for the family

With Iron Grill, you don’t have to worry for spending so much on food even with a big group. Here are more food you can enjoy at Iron Grill.

Don’t miss their steaks.


Iron Grill is the place to go if you want to eat steak for less!


Juicy and cooked the way I like it. If you want it medium or raw, feel free to inform the staff.

The offer beef bowls. I like the spicy kick of this dish.


Hungarian Sausage


For those who want to skip meat, they offer seafood meals like Baked Talaba with cheese. Also available are Spicy Talaba and Wasabi Talaba.They also have Stuffed Grilled Squid but this is something to look forward – Grilled Salmon with Pesto.


To my fellow mommies, don’t torture yourself with all the cooking. If you are pressed for time, feel free to dine out! With Iron Grill, you don’t have to hurt your family’s treasury while serving delicious and non-fastfood meals to your family.

To know more about Iron Grill, visit their Facebook Page.

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