I Got Published!

photo by Ace Francisco
photo by Ace Francisco

Yesterday, I was high over the rainbow..my article about Guisi Beach was published last June 21. This is something special to me since the site is a travel site that features unique “experiences” around the globe.

I consider it as a big leap in my career as a freelance writer since it is my dream to become a travel writer. Writing plus travel..it is heaven for me. And to travel with the best people of your life, what more is waiting for me in heaven?

My high school friends went to Guimaras Island last June 6-7 and part of my goals for that trip was to write about Guisi Beach. And as a freelance writer, I can’t help but jot down something about my our experiences in Guimaras.

To read my article, click here

I owe my friends for making it possible especially Ace, who captured great shots from Guisi Beach. Without his superb photos, my article wouldn’t come out as excellent as it is. Also for my girlfriends, Joanne, Cyril and Pitch.

Again, thank you guys!

Guisi Beach

For more photos about Guisi Beach click here!

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to shoot such a beautiful place Val. Looking forward to work with you again.

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