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Traveling to Hong Kong anytime soon? If it will be your first time, looking for a hotel can take some time. For this post, I would like to share to you my hotel when I went to Hong Kong with two of my friends way back in college.  I recommend, Hotel Benito.

If you are one of the many first time visitors to Hong Kong, you would probably stay at Tsim Sha Tsui ( TST)  and why not? TST is a great home base for tourists as it is surrounded with shops and most of the popular attractions in Hong Kong are found in TST area. Likewise, TST is very crowded especially during peak season.


Hotel Benito is one of the hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui and just like other Tsim Sha Tsui hotels, it costs higher than most hotels, especially when compared to other guesthouses in TST. We spent only one night at the hotel and a little more  money but it was worth it given how infamous Hong Kong hotels are when it comes to space.

Named after its founder, Benito, this hotel is perfect for those who can’t stand tight spaces. I booked directly from the hotel site and got a good price for Hotel Benito family room – perfect for three people.  I booked it for HK$ 1018.90 per night; for the most updated Hotel Benito rate, please get in touch with the hotel.


The room space is obviously not big but enough. I have heard that in some cheap hotels in Hong Kong, you have to place your luggage under your bed so it was a luxury that we can actually walk around the room. Some of the room amenities are hair dryer ( a must for your freelance writer), Wi-Fi ( a must to all travel writers), toiletries, milk tea, and complimentary fruits.

Due to our schedule, we haven’t tried the Hotel Benito Breakfast served at their lounge which is a nice place to hang out. It has its business-like ambiance with unlimited milk tea, milk and other drinks along with candies and biscuits. The lounge also has computers in case you need to be online.


But for me, the best asset of Hotel Benito Hong Kong is its location. It is just a few steps away from TST station, walking distance to Macau ferry terminal and Nathan Road where you can shop till you drop. Based on our experience, it was a great home for first-time visitors.


  1. Location
  2. A decent and mid-range hotel in TST
  3. Rooms are spacious compared to other hotels
  4. Clean and safe hotel
  5.  Great customer service during my online booking – efficient and gets back to you right away




1. No other facilities like pools

2. No in-house restaurant

3. The staff in general are courteous but my friend find one front desk officer less friendly and “cold”.

* The cons are not really complaints but just to give you my dear readers real expectations.



To get the best deals, you can check out Hotel Benito Agoda or book directly from their site.



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