Hey Sugar! Confession of a Waxing Virgin



No, I’m not talking about Brazilian wax. Not yet. I’m talking about the usual waxing procedures like underarm and legs.

Hair used to be a big part of human body. Body hair was our natural coat for cold weather, thick eyebrows against dust and sweat. But with modernity, we practically don’t need our human hair that much. More than cosmetics, getting rid of our excess hair has become part of grooming.

I’ve tried waxing once using a OTC product marketed for home use but it was a total disaster that I succumbed to the big innovation of the 1700s-1800s – the razor. Tweezing doesn’t work for me and I think it is not advisable as it causes ingrown hair. Besides, I certainly don’t have time to pluck! So I was enslave by Mr. Razor from my eyebrows to my legs for decades…not until Hey Sugar! came.


I’ll never shave again

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon is named after sugar-based products they used especially for their wax. One of the reasons why most people don’t wax especially in the Philippines is we get intimidated by the thought of waxing. And then the usual question, “ Does it hurt?“.

No it doesn’t. Especially for kikay girls who have been martyrs for the so-called ” tiis ganda“, waxing and even eyebrow threading is painless. The decor of Hey Sugar Waxing Salon strips away any notion that waxing salons are house of horrors. Pretty right?

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Our friends from Hey Sugar Waxing Salon invited me along with my fellow Iloilo bloggers to get waxed. The dainty interiors I think helps in settling the nervous nerves of waxing virgins that you’ll be looking forward to your service.

The salon has private rooms where I had all of my services – underarms, legs, eyebrow threading, and  eyelash perming. Yeah, I totally indulged! This is no torture room. I haven’t heard anyone screaming from the other rooms either.




These chairs are for eyebrow threading, facial hair waxing, etc.



Eyebrow Threading

One of the most popular services offered by Hey Sugar!, all girls should have a regular appointment for eyebrow threading. I know the new trend of microblading, I would love to have that but it is really costly.

I have mastered forming my eyebrow and maintenance like eyebrow threading accentuates the shape.



Painless and the shape was different. I shape my brows with a small eyebrow razor and even trim it with small scissors but the shape that threading gave was different. I took this photo after my threading with my eyelash perming – which is a another service to try!


Hey Sugar eyelash perming means I don’t need an eyelash curler. One application of my trusted mascara and viola! Thick, ready-to-party lashes. I will write a Hey Sugar Eyelash perming review next time.

Going back to eyebrow threading, I love how my brows looked that I went out without using my eyebrow pencil. Natural kilay is “lifer”! Unpainted eyebrows, made me feel that I looked younger. 😀

If you really want to focus on your brows, check your nearest Happy Brows.

Stripping it off

Those unwanted hair – underarm and even the legs. Do girls still pluck their kilikili hair? I’m cringing right now. Sorry. It is not advisable, ladies and what a waste of time!I know the benefits of waxing over shaving and with Hey Sugar.

I know I will be in good hands. NSFW alert!



Before your appointment, let it grow. I know, it is yucky with bushy armpits, but it will be less painful ( for those with low pian tolerance) and easier for the staff to strip off.  The girls were meticulous, after waxing, they thread the hair that was left. I love watching my kilikili after!

Now for the legs. I’m not into shaving my legs because, luckily, my strands are not thick. But I tried it at Hey Sugar! for smoother legs.

Try the hot wax. It is not hot but lukewarm. The cold wax they say is for those with tiny hair but I think cold wax takes longer. Again, not painful. The white substance is baby powder. They apply it to see the hair. Again, they thread any unstripped hair.




It was day of pampering. Waxing at Hey Sugar and had my nails and foot spa at Nailaholics that same afternoon. Oh, I was such a happy mama!

It was weeks ago since I had my waxing and I did see thinner hair growing back. I felt less of a monkey. hehe.I’ll be back on my next waxing appointment this week and I can’t wait to be hair-free again.

Head to your nearest Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon now. For those in Iloilo, visit them at theLower Ground Floor of SM City Iloilo ( new wing), beside Nailaholics. Ms. Rachelle and her team will take care of you.



Get a complete list of Hey Sugar waxing salon menu by visit their site and social media.

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