Gourmet Dimsum Cafe: A Taste of Singapore on a Budget


The continuing growth of the restaurant industry in the city opened the doors for the locals to enjoy food beyond local cuisine and more ” common” international cuisines like Chinese and Italian. They say food is the best way to get to know a particular culture and one of my latest food discovery is Gourmet Dimsum Cafe where you can dine Singapore-made dim sum at affordable price.



Gourmet Dimsum Cafe is one of the restaurants you can find in Southpoint, SM Iloilo’s dining strip and Iloilo’s new favorite hangout. I think there are only two ( including Gourmet Dimsum) Singaporean restaurants in Iloilo but Gourmet Dimsum Cafe is the affordable choice. Thus, you can enjoy Singaporean dim sum and more without waiting for your pay check.



Singapore cuisine itself reflects their multi-cultural society – Chinese, Malay, and Indian. Majority of the food especially the dim sum are all made in Singapore and flown to Iloilo fresh for locals to enjoy.

I had a great selection of Shao mai from Black Pepper Chicken Shaomai to Chicken and Prawn Shaomai.



Prawn Har how ( more commonly called, Ha kao)



I like the kid-friendly size of their Mini-Chicken Barbecue Bun



Let’s explore Singaporean cuisine further with this fried buns. Made me miss kaya toast though.



A staple Indian food, roti is a significant part of Singaporean cuisine. You will love this Roti Onion Paratha with chocolate, cheese pimiento, and curry sauce.




Roti and fried egg, drizzled with honey! Perfect for breakfast but I think you can have this anytime you like.



Part of Singapore’s Malaysian heritage, try their laksa. I haven’t had laksa since Malacca.




And what is Singaporean cuisine without Chicken Hainanese? The food presentation may need some work. I thought it was a flop but my food buddies said it was good especially the sauce.



For dessert, we had this. Apologies, I forgot its name.


If you are looking for something different to try in Iloilo, or craving for Singaporean dim sum, laksa, or roti, visit Gourtmet Dimsum Cafe now!



To know more about them, visit and follow them on Facebook!

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