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Making a name for itself, Antique has finally caught the interest of travelers with Tibiao as one of its main destinations. Right now, Antique is an ” it” destination. Well, with photos of tourists enjoying a kawa bath sprawled over social media, it’s enough to pique our curiosity .

With no direct flights to Antique, and 3 other provinces sharing the same island, how can you get there?


Going to Tibiao via Kalibo

If you don’t have any plans to visit Boracay, you can easily reach Tibiao via Kalibo.


1.From the airport, charter a tricycle to Ceres Bus Terminal.

2. Take the bus going to San Jose Antique

3. Inform the driver or conductor that you heading to Tibiao ( they know exactly where to drop tourists off) for them to take note and you’ll not miss your stop. Or you can inform them to stop at Barangay Importante. Your landmark is the Petron Station across the corner leading to the barangay.

4. Take a single motorcycle to Barangay Tuno ( 70php). During peak season, you will see them crowding the corner, a big help to know your stop.

5. The motorcycle will shortly stop for you to register and pay the  environmental fee for 50PhP, before leading you to your accommodation or destination along Tibiao River.

Travel time – 2 hours



Going to Tibiao via Caticlan

Caticlan airport is the nearest airport to Antique. Its proximity makes Tibiao and the rest of Antique another side trip ideas for Boracay.


    1. From the airport, take a tricycle to the jetty port. Ceres buses are stationed right beside the jetty port. For those coming from Boracay, just exit the port and walk to the terminal.
    2. Follow directions #2-5 from “Going to Tibiao via Kalibo”. Bus fare – Php 100

Travel Time – 1 1/2 hours


Going to Tibiao via Iloilo

If you’re base in Iloilo, like you are visiting with your family in Iloilo, then this should be the only way you travel to Tibiao. Iloilo is the farthest entry port to Antique especially if you are going to Tibio which is already in the northern part of Antique, close to the Aklan-Antique Border.


    1. Go to Molo Terminal, pick a van or bus bound for Caticlan, Pandan, or Culasi. Don’t take the bus going to San Jose Antique or else you have to take another bus to reach Tibiao.
    2. Follow #2-5 of ” Going to Tibiao via Kalibo“. Take note that this route is the opposite way of Kalibo and Caticlan.

Fares –  Bus (Php110); Van ( Php200)

Travel Time – Bus ( 6 hours); Van ( 4 hours)


Which is the best way to reach Tibiao?

Given the travel time, I personally think Caticlan is the best way to reach Tibiao. It is accessible to both Boracay and Tibiao.

Most people think that to get to Antique, you fly to Iloilo but Iloilo is quite far- though the capital of Antique -San Jose- is closest to Iloilo. Of course, you are free to travel to Antique via Iloilo and explore the City of Love and its neighbouring attractions like Guimaras, Concepcion Islands and Isla Gigantes.

Kalibo is also another alternative. You can easily reach and there are more flights compared to Caticlan. If you are not going to Boracay, fly to Kalibo to reach Antique.

If you have questions or information to add, feel free to leave a comment! Appreciate it in advance.

Thank you for reading!

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