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Over dinner, my kids and I talked about our summer plans and Camiguin came into discussion. Once in a while, my kids would reminisce our Camiguin adventure, it has been more than a year, but they still giggle about something from Camiguin.  

That reminded me that I didn’t fully blog about that trip.  I blogged sporadically about our great Mindanao adventure, from our epic road trip to attractions we passed along like Maria Cristina falls and hotels where we stayed like Seda Centrio in Cagayan de Oro.    




Brace yourself, this is going to be long with almost 30 unedited Camiguin photos. My husband’s family hails from Camiguin and I think my husband wanted the kids to enjoy the memories that he has about the island of fire.

On our first night, we didn’t stay in a hotel. We camped out and the kids went bonkers as they played with fire. There was a shack serving as our decent accommodation. You can’t see it clearly but my kids was happy because they thought they successfully made fire ( they just took small embers form the campfire).


The fire lasted all through the night. My husband and kids stayed at their tent.





The morning view….





The main coast of Camiguin is rocky – volcanic rocks, I assume. We love the shade. We stayed on the beach most of the time and only goes to the house to change or eat – just like what my husband did when he was a child.





My husband’s aunt woke us up with warm coffee and native puto maya ( rice cake).



Unplugged! Found toys from nature. Wood as their swords.






With a new airport, Camiguin is kid-friendly. Hope you can visit it with your kids, the island is the perfect place for the rest of the family to have a technology detox.

Water babies will love Camiguin. The island is filled with various springs, with Santo Niño Cold Spring. According to my husband’s relatives, there are actually three springs there. Now I know why the pool is relatively bigger.





Akira with his rented floatie.. It is really cold by the way.






Another kid-friendly attraction in Camiguin is Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool.





A unique water form thanks to Camiguin’s volcanic nature, Soda Water Swimming Pool is a must because you can’t find like it elsewhere! See how clear the water is.






Does it really taste like soda? It tastes like it, without the carbonated nature or sweet taste. I can’t find the right words to describe the taste but it is not your usual spring water. Well, I think you have to go there yourself.




Soda or plain spring water, we love this natural swimming pool!





If I can go back to Camiguin again, I will dip at the hot spring every single night. My kids had a good sleep after our dip. I have to be honest though, the water was not that hot when we went there.




Now let’s go to the waterfalls. There are two waterfalls open to the public – Katibawasan and Tuasan Falls. Tuasan is the newest attraction in Camiguin and it is developed with access roads.





I wrote a separate blog post on Tuasan Falls. Click here to read the story.

We went to Katabawasan but only my husband and kids dipped. The water was just too cold for me. It was so cold my youngest’s tantrums disappeared as soon as he dipped into the pool. I find the place eerie ( just me ok?).


Because we are white-sand beach lovers, we also took some island hopping trips. Of course, the most famous is White Sand. It can get crowded,  but luckily we were the only group there. We enjoyed eating sea urchin.





On the same day as our White Island trip, we went to Mantigue Island. Not too many visitors visit Mantigue, I suggest to prioritize going here.





I still feel bad that I didn’t go snorkeling while in Mantigue. We had the glass bottom boat ride and the richness of its marine life is unbelievable. You will know why diving is addicting. To read my story on Mantigue Island, click here.


You might think we were wet most of our time while in Camiguin. Well, we were to be honest. We still visited some touristy place like the Sunken Cemetery. Nothing to do there really except for some photos. I guess, you have to snorkel.





Nearby is the ruins of an old church in Camiguin, destroyed along with the local who sought refuge by a strong volcanic eruption.





Because I love ruins, it is pretty nice with great green space for the kids. I just don’t like the caretaker, I feel he was after for tips or something.





One of the tourists told me to try this. I will hear the crying souls..I actually end up laughing – how gullible of me! Kidding aside, I love the place.





We didn’t climb but we bought some souvenir shirts. We are still typical tourists.






Camiguin is great for there are many things to do, strongly connected with nature. We missed checking out their mangrove and the giant clams. Next time for sure.


The island’s scenery is unbeatable. Green and green all over!





I highly recommend Camiguin to all families even those with little kids.





We spent five days in Camiguin, including Christmas. One of the best trips we had as a family as of now. We spent some nights at our relative’s house ( by the beach). For hotels, we also stayed at Volcan Beach Resort. This resort is good for adults. Few rooms and caters more to international tourists.


Paras Beach Resort  has family rooms, great for big groups. And the rates are affordable. I like their staff so much.





We will be back in Camiguin, hopefully the soonest. Of course, we didn’t leave without bringing Camiguin’s sweet lanzones!






Thanks for reading this long post. If you are looking for a place to visit, Camiguin is the place for you. Enjoy!

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  1. I have been to Camiguin twice, and I never noticed their small waterfall at the hot spring. I think I should go there for the third time to check the Tuasan waterfalls after I get back on my trip to Hidden Valley Laguna. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Alexa,

    Thanks for your comment. That is not really a small “waterfall -seems like only. ehhee. Yes, Tuasan is one of their newest attractions made accessible to tourists. Hope you can visit again. Would love to visit Hidden Valley Laguna as well. Heard good things about it. Cheers!

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