Entrepreneur Magazine July 2013: Designer Brews




Published my article this month for Entrepreneur Magazine! This is my fourth contribution for Philippines’ #1 business magazine. If you’re a regular reader, you may notice that the magazine revamped a little. They now have a feature entrepreneur every month and for this issue, it’s Generics Pharmacy’s Benjamin Liuson.

Here is my article..


Under the Start Up section ( page 42), I wrote about Urban Island Winery Inc. This assignment was an eye opener, I was educated in the world of artisan winemaking. Likewise, the potential of local fruitwines from Marang (bread fruit) to Mangosteen. I think it is really awesome.

To know more about Urban Island Winery and the craft of making artisan wines using U-Brew Technology and get inspired as well from other articles to be your own boss, please do grab a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine. Available in bookstores and magazine stands for P140.

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