Did Reyshimar C. Arguelles Commit Plagiarism?


I’m so furious right now that I can’t sleep. And I need your help.

This is MY photo from Flickr ( not with Creative Commons, all copyrights belong to me)

Just one of the photos that CPU The Central Echo Reyshimar Arguelles stole


I also posted this photo for my Madge Cafe blog post. Click here to read.

So ironic that today my husband and I had coffee at Madge Cafe  and I saw an article from CPU’s school paper posted on its wall. There are many photos, but one really stood out. I know that someone stole my Madge Cafe photo. I was really bothered.

I did a little research and I found the worse. Adding insult to the injury. I found thru Central Philippine University (Iloilo)’s online portal, the same photo. Please take a closer look..

When I was a child, I love playing “spot the difference”. Now will you do this for me?




Here is a link to the CPU school paper’s article.  http://thecentralecho.journ.ph/2011/10/05/madge%E2%80%99s-cafe-iloilo-in-a-cup/

Please take not that under the photo there is “photo by: Reyshimar C. ArguellesSo can someone tell me if Central Philippine University / Reyshimar Arguelles stole my photo?


Thank you.


I pity this site who I assume is administered by unenlightened students. At first they deleted the photo and now, they use it again with “Photo by: Valerie Caulin”. They need to know that it is not enough to cite the owner.

As of now, I have informed their web admin/ feature editor who also tried to call me, JP Penol to remove it within 36 hours..see the new photo here.

My original post

Madge’s Cafe


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  1. indeed meg…kun tni guinbaliskad ya kiwi sng bibig ni manang…hehehe…they owe u a public apology…rawr!…accountability comes right after responsibility…!!!

  2. Yes she did….can someone teach that girl the thing called “proper citation.” We spent a lot of efforts, blood, sweat, and tears in doing such way back when we were in college particularly in the University of the Philippines. Plagiarism is a mortal sin in our university and the same situation holds through in the online community. I can suggest a few references for that girl if she needs to….specifically in making citations for the contents obtained from online sources….gusto ya APSA format pa…..

  3. What I observed is that your act is baseless. Pwede kang kasuhan ng libel – be careful. There is no law which strengthens your complaint. Mag-ingat inday. 🙂

  4. I find your last statement unprofessional for someone who seems to be a lawyer. Please check RA 8293- intellectual property law and read about copyright.

    Funny to receive your comment just a few minutes I replied to JP Penol on my FB page.

    Thank you for your time Atty

  5. Law.ay man sulat mo kung makareact ka. mg claim nga writer ka. waha 😛 Anu gid gusto mo ayy? aside sa citation, public apology sa picture nga indi man muna kanami..Have you asked before judging?Writer who can’t write. That’s ranting, not writing. 🙂

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