Christmas Spirit

Finally its almost Christmas, by now you are busy planning or attending soirees in your office or in your neighborhood. If you ask me, I’m stuck with buying presents since I work at home as a freelance writer. Okay, I’ll stop my clamor on how lonely can be life when you are into freelance writing. Now, I would like to share on how I celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Driving now is more colorful with all the Christmas lights we see in each corner. Here in Iloilo, I love seeing those plazas lighten up with parols and lights. Within the city limits, I love the lights of Molo Plaza.

The local government has asked private companies to sponsor and for Molo, it is brought by a company who is contracted to collect the city’s garbage.

Of course, Molo is home to its Gothic Church. You can read my post for Molo Church here. Here is a night shot of the church..

I love parols!!!

Of course, there are other Christmas attractions in Iloilo like the ones in Pototan and that of Angelicum School. That’s it for now. I hope you are now feeling the cool breeze and in jive with the spirit of Christmas! Freelance writer or not, celebrate the season!

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