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I am a self-confessed “I-prefer-to-work-alone” type of person which can be justified in my chosen field as a freelance writer. But being a travel writer doesn’t mean that I am a one-man show.  As much as I love working at my own pace, choose my own time, my work is not solely a product of my own efforts.

Take the case of my latest contribution for Mabuhay Magazine for this month’s issue entitled ” Guimaras Getaway” (read the article online, click here) . Never was I so stressed with a one-week notice from the editorial team, story angle was changed a day before my site visit and a stormy weather. Take note, it’s an island destination.

Everything worked out fine when I read my article and I owe it to my travel buddies.


Let me present to you my travel buddies. We are all college dormmates. When? Don’t ask.




Junalie was my first roomate. She is one friend I knew way back in college that I had a chance to go out more. She works for a non-government foundation.


The cameraman. It was actually our first time hanging out as we never had a chance in college but we often “talk” in Twitter and Facebook. He teaches Psychology at UP Visayas and ladies, he is single ( don’t shoot me Rev! hehe).


Pierra used to teach at UP Visayas too. She invited herself so she had to bear with our bullying. Haha! Seriously, it was great that she was with us or else Junalie would have been so bored as Johnrev and I were busy  taking photos.

Together, we met with local officials..



and smiled with these young boys



Gave our eyes and senses a favor with a relaxing place like this



and I discovered my love for trekking and hiking..

off road


In less than 48 hours, we were like college students again. Our minds felt light as we only cared about the scenery and quirky jokes in between.



but I got carried away and  morphed into a  daredevil,  risking our lives when we sailed with this boat



We came home safe and I had a great time. I hope we all had a great time.

Junalie, Johnrev and Pierra – thank you so much. It was one hell of a working day for me! Hope we can do it again..promise, I won’t put your life in danger again! haha!


“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

– Mark Twain


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