A Pristine Playground Called Agho Island



Completing my island hopping in Concepcion “series”, I present to you, Agho Island.  This goes to all children of the sun with high standard when it comes to white sand beaches and beautiful islands. Uninhabited but totally not remote, Agho Island comes next to Bolubadiangan or Sand Bar Island Resort as Concepcion’s top attractions.


How to get to Agho Island




Take a boat ride from Poblacion ( town center), Concepcion to Agho Island for at least 35 minutes. Agho is “hidden” behind bigger islands and situated northeast of the town center.

For those visiting Sandbar Island, it takes less than 20 minutes. Due to its location, avoid the monsoon season if you are sensitive to sea sickness or scared of waves.  Compared to other island hopping trips I had in the past, Concepcion is “safer”, thanks for surrounding islands and islets pacifying the waves.



Bask and Dip All Day Long


Untamed yet beautiful. The first sighting of its long stretch of sand makes you say, ” wow”.  Smaller compared to other islands off the coast of Concepcion, it covers 8 hectares. The back part of the island is filled with rock formations – making it suitable for those who love some dramatic photography sessions.

With kids, we were contended with long stretch of powdery sand. Who wouldn’t? Entrance is Php25( adult) and Php400 for cottages. As soon as our boat anchored, my beach boys went straight to the water.

Clean and clear…



I believe in salt water therapy, that’s why we often go to beach to cure coughs and colds. Vitamin Sea drenches away negative energies. The water is therapeutic that I spent hours dipping – you know that as you get older, you spend less in the water –  much to the delight of my kids.

The island’s landscape is another thing.  The nearby islands create a stunning scenery especially that of Pan de Azucar Island’s Mt. Manaphag.



For us tropical people, we have this discerning taste when it comes to sand’s softness and yes, Agho’s sand is soft and powdery. So far, it comes next to Boracay’s. But the water quality and the underwater creatures are the reasons why I love this island.




Just keep on swimming, my little child.



Isn’t it nice to unplug them as much as possible? Here are my boys, trying their best to catch a parrot fish. We brought our garbage back.




Another memorable activity is jumping from the boat.




Bring your beach towel and laze all day long at Agho Island. A family-friendly island and a nice beach for those who want some rustic and commercial-free island without challenging one’s comfort zone to the extreme, Agho Island is one island you have to visit.


I hope Concepcion Tourism Office will keep the tranquility of their islands and we look forward visiting Agho over and over again.



Thanks for reading!





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