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How are you coping up with the cold weather? The sun is finally up here in Iloilo and went out of my little dungeon yesterday to meet with fellow Iloilo bloggers for another tasting session. Our venue:



It really looks like a happy kitchen from the outside. Located in Amigo Mall, it is a fresh sight, the whole mall to be exact. I remember this place, as dark as a cave when I first came to Iloilo to study in UP. Now, new shops opened and it is well lit!


Let’s get inside shall we?



The use of glass expands the interior. I love how they put give extra touches when it comes to interiors like this Ghost Chair.



Lemon water with Greg of Cafe Ilonggo‘s camera 😉


Now let’s go to the food. They mostly serve snacks and light meals.

One of their best-sellers…Happy Kitchen’s Happy Melt Sandwich (100Php) served with potato chips. Love the poached egg.



Cheesy Grilled Pizza Sandwich ( 100Php)


For drinks, they have plenty of choices from coffee to smoothies. Plus points to their presentation. I’m a sucker for mason jars ( where to buy in Iloilo?).

I tried their Orange-Wheatgrass Juice (100Php). Jorry of FlavoursofIloilo had this Pomegranate/Cranberry Slush ( 75Php). I actually “ordered” for him. I hope he didn’t mind. haha!



If you want pasta, they have Cream & Bacon Penne (100Php).

They also have rice meals and this one is the Beef Tapa (185Php), served with iced tea/coffee. This is a winner. Love the consistency of the rice and the onion rings…ulam na!!


For something sweet to pair with your coffee, they have French Toast Pudding with Blueberry (100Php). Delish! I asked owner Ms. JeT Yap Jiz how this was made, I’ll try to recreate at home because my kids love French Toast.



Another one..Ice Cream Sandwich with fries (100Php). Remembering how my father would buy Francis bread or sliced bread when he brings home ice cream. Ms. Jet explained the rationale behind it. I might as well let my kids eat ice cream this way!


They have two flavors, strawberry and vanilla ( not pictured).

The cleanest food tasting table I’ve seen! haha! Marcos De Tourist had coffee.



Happy Kitchen Culinary Studio is a nice place that serves great food. I was already imaging bringing my kids for an after-school date or meet with my fellow moms. The ambiance ushers you to sit back and just be at ease. Food are not just tasty but can be conversation pieces.

Above all these, Happy Kitchen Culinary Studio is also a place to shop. You can shop for ingredients, wares and even books and clothes( chef jackets and shirts related to food and cooking). Moms who love to bake, come here and get your wares and supplies like this carrot cake topper.


They also have cooking sessions from pasta making to staff training. Check out their Facebook page for updates and information.

HAPPY KITCHEN CULINARY STUDIO is open during mall hours. If you want to stay up late and have some drinks, HAPPY KITCHEN is also located inside AMIGO HOTEL where you can stay until 2am.



And that’s how I spent my day after the rain with great food and great people!

Thanks for reading! 😉


Update: One of my friends took cooking classes at Happy Kitchen Culinary Studio and she has nothing but praises. You might check them out too!

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  1. The detox water is good also, very refreshing. are all the ingredients organic? If it is, I hope this will be a trend here in Iloilo since we are promoting the city as a center for wellness. Nice article Ma’am. i’d love to go back at happy kitchen soon, right Greg? hehe

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