How To Pack Light For Any Trip, Anywhere

August 29th, 2015


This post was posted by thehipmunk on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on August25,2015




No one would prefer lugging four suitcases through the airport over picking up a backpack and whistling past the baggage claim. But that doesn’t mean packing light is an easy feat. Develop a strategy for packing light, and you’re much more likely to actually do it in spite of anxieties.

Whether your goal is to pack for a multi-week vacation in a carry-on or you’re just looking to lighten the load and develop better packing habits, here’s how to pack light for any trip.


Embrace multi-functionalism

Why pack two (or more) items when it’s possible to pack one item that accomplishes everything the others would. Think two-in-one shampoo/conditioner, smartphones (they’re a camera, flashlight, GPS, and phone all in one), a small bundle of strong, flexible rope (use it to tie things to a pack, string it up as a clothesline, or tie the bag to the roof of a bus), or a tablet that can be converted into a laptop. While packing, consider all the ways (conventional or not) that each item could be used. Pack as many multi-functional items as possible, and don’t double up—if one item could serve a particular function in a pinch, that’ll do.


Follow the “rule of three”

When it comes to clothing, three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear, and three shirts should take care of the basics. That way you can wear one, wash one, and dry one all at the same time. Because pants and shorts get smelly less quickly, two pairs will probably do it. Choose clothing in neutral shades so that any of the items can be paired with the others, and opt for fabrics that aren’t prone to wrinkling.


Think light

Evaluate everything on a packing list to see if there are light-weight versions of any items. For example, consider packing a Camelbak bladder instead of a stainless steel water bottle. And instead of packing a heavy winter coat for a cold climate, pack light-weight thermals and thin sweaters (One exception: If you’re staying in an ice hotel, bring the heaviest coat you’ve got). You’ll stay warm either way but the latter will take up way less room in a suitcase. Opt for the lighter version whenever possible.


Be willing to wash

Committing to washing your clothes while traveling will save a ton of weight, because you won’t need to pack fresh outfits for every day of the trip. A sink plug and a little soap is generally all it takes to get clothes clean on the road.


Make a “don’t-pack” list

When it comes to packing light, what you don’t pack is just as important as what you do. Leave behind jewelry and other valuables, items that can be purchased at a destination, multiple guidebooks (or multiple books in general), unnecessary electronics, excess toiletries, and most of the items you feel inclined to stuff into the bag in a last-minute panic. Also be sure to adhere to any regulations for liquids, etc., in order to spend less time in airport security.


Pack several days in advance

This affords time to assess everything you’ve planned to pack. A day or two after laying out all your gear, re-evaluate whether each item is essential. If you’re justifying taking an item with the phrase “what if…” that may be a sign that it’s not actually necessary. Packing in advance will also leave time to pack in an organized way, with heavier items toward the bottom of the pack, clothing rolled instead of folded, and the gear you’ll need most often in accessible places.

Packing light is a skill made better with practice, and it gets easier every time it’s done (especially after a few trips prove that things don’t fall to pieces without all those “what if” items). Put these tactics into practice every time you pack for a trip, and pretty soon you’ll be a pro at packing light.


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Museum Cafe in Bacolod

August 19th, 2015



I was in Bacolod weeks ago for a writing assignment and I can’t wait to try the city’s delectable dining options. I believe that Museum Cafe is one of Bacolod’s top restaurant and I was excited to dine at the cafe.

Museum Cafe’s location intrigues me and my last visit was perfect – to eat alone. I first saw them while checking out the museum nearby; I can’t dine that time because I was working though I had a refreshing ginger-lime drink ( Php65).




My curiosity to eat at this cafe in Bacolod is their menu and I promised to have lunch next time I’m in Bacolod. Negros as we all know is gifted when it comes to agriculture, their produce is not just about sugar but they are the place to go if you like something organic. Museum Cafe uses local ingredients from their cheese to local coffee.

Here’s what I had for my lunch – Roast Beef with Mayo Sauce ( Php195). This budget meal ( the serving is smaller, perfect for solo diners) comes with bread or rice and salad.



The highlight of my meal was the salad. Fresh and I love the pickles. Their salad is highly recommended! The bread was certainly freshly-baked.


I will cut the chase and just want to tell you if you are looking for places to eat in Bacolod after all the inasal and cakes, Museum Cafe is the place to go. Great food and the place is a retreat. This cafe is well known but I still consider this my secret dining place in Bacolod.    






Have you been to Museum Cafe? What did you get?


Thanks for reading!



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Rapha Valley, an Organic Destination

Orchard Valley, Organic and Local

Promenade’s International Buffet


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5 Reasons to Visit Denver

August 13th, 2015



Denver City and County Building from Colorado State Capitol, Denver Civic Center, Denver, Colorado

Photo by Kevin Lund via Flickr


Denver may be one of the highly urbanized cities in the US, but it is also one of the most underrated travel destinations. Nicknamed “The Mile High City,” Denver is no doubt an interesting city, yet sadly, less traveled by many tourists. If you are planning for a trip, you may want to consider Denver.


Denver is complete when it comes to amenities — specifically for Denver hotels. You can choose cheap hotels in Denver, or if you feel like splurging, book a room in luxurious hotels like The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa. For dining, the city has a long list of restaurants and bars.


Need more motivation? Here are some reasons why you should come and enjoy Denver:

Denver is Sunny with a Beautiful Landscape


When the temperature starts to drop, skip the usual destinations like Florida (which tend to get crowded anyway) and visit Denver instead. The city experiences 300 days of sunshine, ensuring that you will have fun outdoors; their attractions and activities are open year round, as well.


Situated near the mountains, Denver gives you stunning scenery of panoramic peaks, as well as high rolling plains. Though most people think that Denver is located in the mountains, it actually isn’t. Still, the visible peaks and overall landscape in and around the city is enough for tourists to enjoy Denver.


Denver for Outdoor Lovers


red rocks hike

Photo by apascuito via Flickr


Colorado’s capital city is the place to digitally detach and reconnect with nature. From the city center to its surrounding areas, there are various outdoor activities. Enjoy biking on Denver’s bike paths or through Denver B-cycle, or join a biking tour at the Green Mountain Loop. Open all year round, this mountain bike activity is suitable even for beginners.


Red Rock is not just the city’s most iconic landmark, it also offers plenty of activities from watching live performances to hiking. For some challenge, hike all the way to Lookout Mountain to get a panoramic view of the city. You can also travel a bit outside the city center to Confluence Park and enjoy heart-pumping rafting.


If you decide to stay in Denver proper, hike and walk around its park, go skating at Denver’s skate parks, and visit Denver’s Botanic Gardens.


Denver Bears Old West Legacy


Reminisce America’s pioneer era while in Denver starting with its museums like the American Museum of Western Art and Buffalo Bill Grave & Museum. Learn about the city’s past at History Colorado Center.


For more fun, visit Four Mile Historic Park. Sign up for their guided tours and learn about how the pioneers lived during the Old West time. Lastly, a trip to Denver will be incomplete without trying out Western costumes at the Rockmount Ranch Wear.


Denver, Craft Beer Capital of the West



Beer tasting tour of Denver

Photo by Thomas Galvez via Flickr


Over 200 beers are served in Denver’s tap houses, brew pubs, breweries, and gastro pubs. The city is also home to Coors Brewery, the world’s largest single brewery site.


There are beer tasting tours offered in Denver, as well as brewery tours. The easiest way to enjoy Denver’s craft beers would be to visit any local pub or to attend The Great American Beer Festival, the largest beer festival in the U.S. that occurs every September.


Denver is for Everyone


Denver is a destination suited for everyone. The outdoors are something that this city takes pride in, but there are also some activities that don’t require great energy or for those with mobility issues or the elderly. Walking or touring around the historic districts of Denver, as well as enjoying their local cuisine, is something everyone should check out.


The city is a proud family-friendly destination with plenty of attractions for little kids. Can’t leave your dog while you travel? Denver is a certified dog-friendly destination. Many hotels in Denver cater to pets, and the city allows dogs on patios of bars and restaurants if owners meet certain requirements.


From accommodations and other facilities to a long list of activities, Denver should be on the list of your places to visit. As one of America’s less-traveled cities, Denver can absolutely provide a crowd-free holiday.


This article is part of the #HipmunkCityLove Project. Check out my recommended hotel in Denver at Hipmunk!

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Hotels in Bacolod: Where to Stay

August 1st, 2015




Photo courtesy of Negros Occidental Tourism Center


Visiting “The City of Smile” and checking on places to stay in Bacolod? As a frequent visitor, I would like to give you a list of hotels in Bacolod that I can recommend to you. So here they are:


O Hotel


Stayed here thrice and it is one of the best hotels in Bacolod on Tripadvisor.  It is also one of the hotels located near Lacson St. What I like about O Hotel is that is not that expensive and suited for those who want peace; the hotel seems to have less “traffic” compared to other accommodations in Bacolod. To know more about O Hotel, read my review: O Hotel in Bacolod.          


L’Fisher Chalet Tower II        



L’Fisher Chalet Tower II or simply “Chalet” is the best place to stay in Bacolod if you prefer hotels in Bacolod with swimming pool. I love their pool area ( especially during their first year!) but most of all, they have a nice designated kiddie pool.   L’Fisher is one of the most popular hotels in the city, they have the main L’Fisher and they lately introduced the L’Fisher Econotel. They are the most complete with spa, gym, casino and right at the heart of Lacson Street’s dining scene.   Here is my review of Chalet. Take note, this is one of my earliest entries as a travel blogger – please bear with the lay-out — L’Fisher Chaler Tower II Review    


11th Street Bed and Breakfast  


If you are looking for cheap hotels in Bacolod or pension houses in Bacolod, I highly recommend 11th Street Bed and Breakfast. Rates starts at Php400 for non-aircon ( see photo above), complete with free continental breakfast. Aircon rooms offer plated breakfast. Great deal right?

Located near Lacson Street, it is clean and totally safe. If you are pressed for budget yet still thinking twice about staying in cheap hotels or pension houses while in Bacolod, this is a good alternative.

Avenue Suites



Based on my three stays at Avenue Suites, it has both hits and misses specifically their breakfast but I love their staff, so I will include them on this list. Plus, the located is along Lacson Street thus, great for first-time visitors who are familiar the city. Read my entry  - Avenue Suites Impressions .


Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -


Hope this list of hotels in Bacolod will be useful for your trip. Do you have other hotels in Bacolod to add to this list? Leave a comment!

Thank you!



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Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

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Pub Crawling

July 29th, 2015





My friends are basically scattered in different places and often I get to catch up with them whenever I’m traveling for a writing assignment. I just came from a dinner and coffee with  former college dorm mates and we talked more about travel specifically the new trends. One of them is pub crawling.

What is pub crawling?

Well, it is like bar hopping. Spending the night, drinking in one pub to another. It is common in Europe. I did a little bit of research and I found out that it is in fact a tradition in Europe. Nice to know that it is more than just drinking and spending time in a city’s top bars and pub. In Europe, it is a practice to welcome visiting tourists and new expats. What other way to welcome new people that drinks right?




Pub crawling in the travel industry..

If you are with the travel industry or a frequent traveler, you may have been familiarized with different kinds of tours – food tours, walking tours, wellness tours, etc. Do you know that public crawling is a new “trend” in travel? Now, you can experience pub crawling as part of a tour group.

While digging for more information about pub crawling, I found out where pub crawling is offered as a travel activity. One of them is Barcelona, one of the cities that I want to visit.

It doesn’t surprise me anymore if pub crawl barcelona is happening right now. This tradition has been prevalent in Spain that started solely for men and then extended to women. To be honest, I would sign up right away for this kind of tour!

I saw one provider of a pub crawl barcelona and the tour is quite affordable. You get to drink top Spanish drinks like Sangria as well as tapas – truly still in tune to Spanish experience. These tours also give you easy access to Barcelona’s top bars and pubs.

Lastly, joining these tours is great if you are concern of your safety. Meeting new people or just the thought of pub crawling in a new city while traveling demands some courage I guess; but with these tours, I think I’ll be on safe hands!

Isn’t it amazing how travel keeps on evolving?  I love the idea of pub crawling, I think it is brilliant and a fun way to meet new people, enjoying nightlife and dining scene while you travel.








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Brazilian Churassco and More at The Promenade

July 27th, 2015




 The Promenade at Days Hotel offers the best buffet among all restaurants in Iloilo. Last week, I had the chance to dine with one of the my favorite people for The Promenade’s dinner buffet featuring Churassco. If you want to be a food blogger ( I’m not, but my niche covers food), the best perk is to get acquainted with new dishes.   Churassco is common in South America and the Brazilian style is skewered meat, sausages, and vegetables.         Untitled


The sausages..




Served at our table – chicken, beef, and pork. Untitled



The Promenade Restaurant always come up with the best menu. Do you find it frustrating when restaurants serve the same menu in their buffet over and over again? Not with Days Hotel’s restaurant. For this buffet, they threw in some Brazilian dishes from appetizers to desserts like this Brazilian-style Chicken Wings



Let me show you some of the dishes at the buffet.




If you love your greens, The Promenade is the best place. Guaranteed fresh since they have their own farm, Orchard Valley. Here are additional offerings but so hard to capture on cam. I had like three servings of their Pasta Garden Salad and I love the crunchiness and sweet tangy flavor of the Bistro Salad ( 100% organic). At the middles is the Grape, Mango, and Pineapple Salad.



Here’s    Paella Mixta




This one is superb – Pork Spareribs with Bourbon Sauce




Their pasta and pizza station Untitled



Of course – desserts! This is just half of the dessert station.




I love seeing new ” faces” every time I dine at The Promenade. And for the Churassco , it was nice to meet Tocino del Cielo. It is not made from pork but a milk-free flan. Oh so tasty!     Untitled



Needs no introduction




For those on a healthy lifestyle, they have a fruits but this is my plate..or maybe one of my plates. wink! Untitled



Dining at The Promenade is always a beautiful experience. Thank you for having us!



Here are links to other food offerings from buffet to afternoon meals at The Promenade, Days Hotel Iloilo. Take your pick!

Dimsum Afternoon Tea

International Lunch Buffet


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Perfect Boston Ideas for First-Timers

July 25th, 2015


Photo by Jeff Gunn via Flickr  


Boston is a vibrant cosmopolitan area and the bearer of many titles that symbolize its significance to American liberty and freedom. If you love to learn about America’s history or want to enjoy a modern and chic environment within a greater historical context, Boston is the city for you.

Similar to other destinations, visiting this city can be tricky. Which hotel best fits your needs? There are many Boston hotels for all types of travelers — from the luxurious Taj Boston and to other pocket-friendly cheap hotels in Boston. Finding a place to stay shouldn’t be a big concern. When it comes to your itinerary, here is a concise travel guide to follow.  



Walk the Freedom Trail


    Boston Common

Photo by yeowatzup via Flickr


A historical city housing the nation’s various heritage sites and structures, Boston has featured connected historical landmarks since the 1950s. Today, that labyrinth is known as the Freedom Trail and it attracts thousands of visitors to its 16 historical sites every year.

With its distinct brick or red “lines”, the tour will take you to places like the Granary Burying Grounds, Boston Common, USS Constitution and other monuments and houses that played a role in Boston’s rich past. You can do it yourself or sign up for one of the public walking tours available with interactive guides.

Seafood and other Gastronomic Indulgences



  Photo by Ayustety via Flickr


What is traveling without enjoying the local cuisine? When it comes to Boston, think about seafood, from classic lobster treats to modern fusion from various culinary cultures around the world. Juicy and succulent lobsters rolls, fresh oysters, and clams along with lovely ambiance make dining in Boston a singular experience.

New England clam chowder is served in many restaurants all over the city. If you are looking for places to feast, try the famous Legal Sea Food. To add more to your culinary tour in Boston, head to Quincy Market. Here you will not just taste local cuisine, but also dishes from other cultures like Greek and Thai.

Going to markets adds zest to your Boston trip. End your culinary journey with a pub crawl. Enjoy craft beer and other drinks in the company of Boston’s friendly people.

Explore Boston’s Offshore Islands

    Martha's Vineyard

Photo by Ralf via Flickr


If you want a more laid back experience and have plenty of time to spare while in Boston, take the ferry and explore the islands. Enjoy serene surroundings and a place where families and even Boston locals go when they need to relax and recharge.

Start by signing up for a guided tour of Martha’s Vineyard. Take a day to fully enjoy this wonderful island courtesy of its beaches, the Edgartown Lighthouse, mansions, great restaurants, and shops. It is a place to sit back and take a break, but there are activities for active travelers like watersports as well.

Explore Popular Streets and Spaces

Newbury Street in August, credit Tim Grafft/MOTT

Photo by Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism via Flickr


Boston is famous as a “Walking City;” therefore, you can freely get out of your hotel and just enjoy the sights wherever your feet lead. Every nook and corner of this city is interesting; you can easily stop along the way to grab some drinks and bites.

Start your trek on Newbury Street, especially for those who engage in retail therapy every time they travel. This stylish street is filled with boutiques and shops from top brand names to homegrown talents.

The Boston Common and Public Garden is another traveler favorite. Relax and enjoy the view, especially when you visit during spring and fall. Then there is the famous Fenway Park for sports fans. Home to the Boston Red Sox, the Park allows you to watch a game and experience the patriotic love of sports common to the locals.

This article is part of the #HipmunkCityLove Project. Check out my recommended hotel in Denver at Hipmunk!

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Krispy Kreme’s 78th Anniversary Treat

July 12th, 2015





 Head to your nearest Krispy Kreme store tomorrow!  


Krispy Kreme, famous for their premium and deletable doughnuts will celebrate their 78th anniversary. For their 78th birthday, Krispy Kreme Philippines let their fans enjoy a box of 6 Original Glazed Doughnuts for only Php78!

Get them tomorrow, July 13 from 7 am to 8pm to participating Krispy Kreme stores across Philippines.   How to get this Php 78 half a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts?  Here’s how:


1. Download and register in the Krispy Kreme Mobile Application and show your digital coupon at any participating store.

2. Print or screen grab the 78th Birthday Celebration voucher ( the pic above) from Krispy Kreme’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Page and present the image at the store.


  So easy right?


Enjoy your Krispy Kreme doughnuts and celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 78th birthday!


#hbdkrispykreme  #JoyInABox




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48 Hours in Hong Kong and Macau

July 11th, 2015






Time is one of the reasons why some can’t travel. We often find ourselves at the mercy of weekends or holidays. If you are pressed for time and planning a trip to Hong Kong, this post is for you.


Together with my two college friends, your travel writer went to Hong Kong and Macau last month. This is our 2 days in Hong Kong itinerary and it is my pleasure to share them all to you. All prices are in Hong Kong dollars.  




Day 1: Arrival- Lantau Island-Victoria Peak


We arrived in Hong Kong at 2am. To save money, we decided to spend some time at the airport, trying to catch some sleep until 6am – first trip of trains and buses to the mainland. We bought the MRT Octopus Card ($150) – for trains and buses. From the airport, we took a 40-minute bus ride going to Tsim Sha Tsui where our hotel, Hotel Benito is located.

Hello Hong Kong!





Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) is one of the most touristy areas in Hong Kong and like any tourist area, it less tidy compared to other places like Central. Still, if this is your first time and want convenience, it is a good place to stay while in Hong Kong.


We left our bags at Hotel Benito and washed up then headed to McDonald’s for breakfast. This is outside McDonald’s and a few steps away from TST station exit.  





Lantau Island: Hong Kong’s Heritage Spot


We are a group of History majors therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this is our first stop. You can take the bus from the nearest station to Lantau but we rode the famous Ngong Ping 360 cable ride (roundtrip – $165).





Scared of heights? Don’t worry,  it is not as scary as you might expect it to be. Believe me, I have acrophobia and it was my concern too, but I did well. If you want some thrill, you can ride the glass bottom cable car.





Lantau Island is home to the famous Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha,  Po Lin Monastery, and Ngong Ping Village.  Expect to spend at least half of your day at Lantau. With our 48-hour timeframe, you have to decide if you want Lantau Island or Hong Kong’s top attraction – Disneyland.





We had lunch in one of the dainty restaurants at Ngong Ping Village. Meet my travel buddies for this trip – Reagan and Victoria!



Photo by Reagan Palacios




At 1pm, we went back to the hotel to finally bathe and catch some sleep. We woke up at past 4pm and went to Central Station.



Victoria Peak: See Hong Kong’s Skyline


Who can miss Victoria Peak while in Hong Kong? From Central Station, we walked uphill to the Peak Tram. Again, you can choose to take the bus or taxi but taking a tram is a nice experience for everyone.





We bought the PEAK TRAM SKY PASS ( $83) – round trip tram ride and access to the Sky Terrace where you can get this popular shot of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.





Best time to visit is at late afternoon, so you can see the view during daytime, dusk, and night. Warning though, it can get crowded but if you don’t mind spending more, they have a photo area free other spectators.





After Sky Terrace, we went to The Peak Galleria and had dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant. Yum!


hong kong

Photo by Reagan Palacios



For dessert, we had gelato while walking around The Peak Galleria before lining up at for the Tram.





Back in TST, we started shopping. We decided to separate to maximize our time . TST is home to many shopping venues. I shopped for cosmetics and skincare products at Sassa and bought chocolates and sweets at Bonjour ( also a great place for cosmetics).

Our first day in Hong Kong concluded at 10pm.



Day 2: Macau – Temple Street- Departure



I think no first-time visitor will skip Macau in their itinerary. We woke up later than we planned but still early! Got lost finding the terminal ( I think I need to write a separate post). Finally, we found the terminal going to Macau.





Buy roundtrip tickets to save, ticket was less than $300 ( one way is $165). Bought bread and beverages in one of the bakeries serving as our breakfast (eaten inside the ferry). Travel time is less than an hour.


We took Grand Lisboa’s shuttle bus and of course, start your Macau trip at the casino. We played slot games ( no picture-taking and minors allowed). Victoria was victorious! haha! We walked all the way Senado Square where Macau’s historical buildings can be found.






There are street signs to their top attractions. Passed by old churches and arrived at its iconic landmark- St. Paul’s Ruins. I think it is impossible to take a crowd-free photo of this heritage site.





Macau is very busy and we found solace at 7 Burger for our lunch. The restaurant, just close to St. Paul’s Ruins has this very homey and hip ambiance.


macau lunch



After lunch, we went to Museu de Macau, just beside St. Paul’s Ruins. One of the most interactive museums I’ve been to. The museum is located in a 16th-century fort, Fortaleza do Monte.




After the museum, we went back to Senado Square to catch a bus with a very grumpy female driver  going to The Venetian Macau (fare is $2). You can use your Hong Kong dollar in Macau.





We also played the slot and I won $20. haha! Took their shuttle bus to the terminal. We arrived in Hong Kong at 6pm.





While at the terminal, we spent too much time shopping at Esprit that we missed the Lights Show at Victoria Harbour. We had dinner in Cafe de Coral – very tasty and affordable place to eat in Hong Kong. You can find them across Hong Kong.

For Hong Kong shopping, we chose Temple Street instead of the more popular Ladies’ Market. I bought toys for my kids while Reagan and Victoria picked souvenirs . Went back to the hotel at 10pm to get our things.

We missed the bus going to the airport so we took the taxi ($300). While waiting for our flight, we had our balance credit from our Octopus card reimbursed.



And that ends our 2nd day and our Hong Kong-Macau trip.  Hope you find this post useful!


Thanks for reading!


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Getting to Know Jamaica’s Montego Bay – A Bucketlist Addition

July 8th, 2015



The Caribbean will always be a magnet to tourists from families to honeymooners. A perfect place to spend your summer holidays or a retreat when your home country starts to freeze. Beautiful weather, savoring dishes, insightful local culture, beaches, and heritage sites – these are some of the things that beckons everyone to choose any destination in the Caribbean.


One of the most popular destinations is Jamaica. More than just the birthplace of a music icon and a music genre, Jamaica is a complete package. Its capital, Kingston seems to have all the action but for those who want to have the best of their Jamaican escape, proceed to its second largest city – Montego Bay.

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s gem for tourism with cruise ships docking and millions of travelers flying to its nearest airport to enjoy its beaches, local vibes, and other tourist attractions.

Beautiful Beaches


Photo by Matt Howry via Flickr



Like other places in the Caribbean, it is place to enjoy stunning beaches. Tourists coming from countries with wonderful beaches are still in awe to Montego Bay’s pristine shores, rich underwater treasures and over-all unique flavor. Visitors will be glad to know that most of their beaches are open to the public. One particular beach, Doctor’s Cave Beach is very intriguing. It got its name due to its curative powers – thus, very popular to visitors even with its attached entrance fee.

If you prefer to lounge peacefully and discretely, you may want to check out its various private beaches. Most of these are part of the inclusions of Montego Bay’s all-inclusive resorts like Secrets Wild Orchid.

If you are frugal, there is no need to worry. There are cheap hotels in Montego Bay as well as hotel deals that you can grab to save from your accommodation.

A Deep Past

Outside The Great House

Photo y Sarah Ackerman via Flickr

For activities beyond the beach, Montego Bay is a great place to explore from its famous spots like Harbour Street and Gloucaster Avenue. And yes, savoring local cuisine will surely be a treat!

Still, its rich cultural past is another reason that draws visitors to Montego Bay. You can visit and tour Rose Hall Great House ( its mistress practiced black magic!) and other 18th century plantation mansions. From its British architecture to antique furnitures, you will surely love the views offered at these properties.

Slave history is a nice topic to learn while on a holiday. Caribbean plantation used slave labor and the struggle toward freedom is a dark episode of Jamaica’s past. Sam Sharpe Square pays tribute to a National Hero who fought slavery in Jamaica. The vicinity is also a nice place to see local life in Montego, shop for souvenirs, or enjoy light meals. A quick tour to a jail known as “The Cage” will certainly be both educational and emotional.

These are just some of the things that you can enjoy while in Montego Bay. So the next time you are planning a Caribbean holiday, check out Jamaica’s Montego Bay!

This article is part of the #HipmunkCityLove Project. Learn more about my recommended hotel in Miami at Hipmunk!

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