Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Sabores de España

July 16th, 2014


My husband asked me weeks ago to research on what he should be doing for his September trip to Spain. My prompt reply- ” eat paella and tapa“. Seriously, Spanish cuisine is something I want to discover. As much as I seem to be familiar with Spanish cuisine, we don’t have that much venues to enjoy authentic Spanish dishes.

It was just perfectly timely that we stayed at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu last weekend and they were featuring a culinary journey featuring Spanish cuisine called ” Sabores de España” or Flavors of Spain.

When you ask where is the best buffet in Cebu? Seasoned travelers and diners will always recommend Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.

And now, one of its in-house restaurants, Cafe Marco will sweep you to Spain with every bite. Headed by Ms. Gema Pido, Cebu’s Spanish cuisine expert, enjoy and feast on authentic and delectable dishes.

My family had the chance to enjoy the feast with Ms. Kyra Cabaero, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Media Communications Manager. And of course, for my husband to get acquainted with Spanish dishes.

Spain in a plate..


Here are some tasty dishes waiting for you at Sabores de España buffet by Marco Polo Plaza Cebu..



Calamares Rellenos


Appetizing bites



Ah, these scrumptious Bunelos de Chorizos Austurianos ( Chorizo wrapped in puff or filo pastry)


Tortilla de Patatas ( Potato Omelet) 


As the best buffet in Cebu, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu offers myriad choices on top of the featured buffet like Asian and Japanese.

My global plate of Cebu lechon, roast beef, tempura and paella de valenciana.



Savory choices only at Cafe Marco.


Thank you for that delicious Spanish dinner Marco Polo Plaza Cebu!

Sabores de España is a month-long culinary offering until July 20 and available for lunch and dinner. For inquiries and reservations, contact

Cebu: (63 32) 253 1111
Manila: (63 2) 887 1263



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Entrepreneur Magazine July 2013: Designer Brews

July 10th, 2014




Published my article this month for Entrepreneur Magazine! This is my fourth contribution for Philippines’ #1 business magazine. If you’re a regular reader, you may notice that the magazine revamped a little. They now have a feature entrepreneur every month and for this issue, it’s Generics Pharmacy’s Benjamin Liuson.

Here is my article..


Under the Start Up section ( page 42), I wrote about Urban Island Winery Inc. This assignment was an eye opener, I was educated in the world of artisan winemaking. Likewise, the potential of local fruitwines from Marang (bread fruit) to Mangosteen. I think it is really awesome.

To know more about Urban Island Winery and the craft of making artisan wines using U-Brew Technology and get inspired as well from other articles to be your own boss, please do grab a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine. Available in bookstores and magazine stands for P140.

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Mabuhay Magazine: Isla Gigantes

Couple’s Retreat in Isla de Gigantes

July 6th, 2014


There are many reasons to visit Isla de Gigantes or why you’ll love the place. Blogs that you might have read all celebrate the beauty of Isla Gigantes which of course I agree, but  I prefer to hail Isla Gigantes as a destination for couples.

Romantic? Absolutely yes but that the massage-by-the-beach type or those sunset cruises, but personally, our weekend trip was a fruitful time between husband and wife. You may ask why and I have a rather offbeat answer…..

there is no celfone signal and a 24-hour power source in Isla Gigantes.

And that my dear readers make Isla de Gigantes one of the most romantic destinations in the Philippines. :)

Now what makes it romantic?

If you are married to a corporate slave who seems to go crazy without checking his laptop or calling people, then you know what I’m saying.

I can’t blame my husband, it is natural now for people I guess, but when you are left with a destination that doesn’t offer this now-basic services, then you will be “forced” to maximize your time together. In other words, he was forced to throw all his attention to me ( insert wicked grin here).

And I’m not innocent either. I often find myself at the mercy of social media and our trip to Isla Gigantes gave me some social media weekend detox. Funny because we went there to work on my assignment for Mabuhay Magazine, but there was no pressure. We just enjoyed it like we were penniless in college. haha!

Though the weather was not that perfect, we had the place for ourselves. No phone call interruptions while enjoying this view. Husband was enjoying taking shots even if it means climbing the rugged cliffs of Tangke.

Tangle4   This is actually our first stop, Gakit-gakit island. Strong potential for pre-nuptial shoots.. Gakit-Gakit Island   And the most popular attraction in Isla Gigantes – Cabugao Gamay. Untitled

We were lucky that our guide was not intimidated with our bulky camera. It is really rare  for us to have couple photos because either one of us is the designated photographer. Again, the weather was not that good as you can see from the photo above, but a little prayer and God sent me a spotlight of sunshine. For 10 minutes. Just enough for me to get better shots for my travel article.


It rained when we went to Antonia Beach until we back to our base camp, which was was fine, we didn’t take the kids along anyway. There was one room with air conditioner but we opted to stay in a fan room. Isla Gigantes is not humid, and as I said, it is nice to rekindle our times when we still can’t afford to stay in hotels.

For our meals, we feasted on seafoods during our overnight stay at the island. Queen scallops harvested from the “wild”.

Queen scallops growing in the "wild", not cultured

We also had saltwater crabs and the mister was an eager slave to get all the meat for me. haha! The next day ,before we left, we visited their lighthouse. It was not far, just as I like it.

Though some upscale resorts offering couple’s retreats do not offer Wi-Fi unless requested or do not place TV in guest rooms, in Isla Gigantes, it is naturally that way. People especially couples are busy making a living and you forget to just enjoy each other’s company. Because Isla Gigantes is a humble fishing community, you will be reminded that being together matters the most, not the material possessions or career positions.

Talking with the locals was also a treat for both of us, a break from negative people you often deal in your daily life. Enjoying light conversations over unlimited instant coffee never felt so indulging…that’s why we love Isla Gigantes!

If you are couple who wants to spend time with your significant other, pick Isla Gigantes. There are posh couple destinations but if you want an off-the-beaten path or backpacker type, Isla Gigantes is a good choice.

Have you visited Isla Gigantes with your loved one?

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Restaurants in Davao: Claude’s Le Café de Ville

July 3rd, 2014



Two things that I’m really weak at – heritage homes and food. Combine these two and I’m on a sweet surrender. Claude’s Le Café de Ville is the only full-service French restaurant in Davao City and I personally think this is one of the best restaurants in the country from ambiance to food.

I am fortunate to dine at Claude’s as part of Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2014. The restaurant is housed at The Oboza Heritage House. While sipping coffee offered by Chef Claude Le Neindre, he gave us a short history of the house and their business as well.

It is actually their second location, their original restaurant was just across the street and they are currently leasing the house. Chef Claude is such a sweet fellow and no wonder, the Oboza family, one of Davao’s prominent and pioneering clans entrusted their home to the Le Neindres.

The interior of the house impressed me so much. I’m sadden though remembering my favorite restaurant in Iloilo, Afrique’s, used to be in an old house. Iloilo City is home to many heritage homes and attempts to make them into restaurants sadly failed.  Just sad because it really adds charm to your restaurant.

Enough of the sad vibes and let’s go back to this Davao City foreign restaurant.

After coffee and short background of the house, Chef Claude then toured us to their kitchen and met his lovely wife, Tess and their granddaughter. We then started our French dining in Davao with bread served with butter and salsa, followed with Shrimp Cocktail and Baked Imbao Clams.




In Davao, I learned other recipes for imbao – not just for soups. Likewise, the poor girl in me never thought that salsa goes well with bread.

Next we had Jambalaya Gumbo Soup and Mussels Mariniere ( see picture below). It is very creamy but not too greasy  like what other restaurants serve.



We then went to the main course. Claude’s is famous for their steak and oh boy, look at this Claude’s Pepper Steak!



Another main dish is the light yet delectable Grouper Fillet ala Meuniere with Rice Pilaf.



Both beef and fish are juicy and moist – perfectly cooked. For dessert, Chef prepared us fruits with cream. He said he decided to give us a light dessert because he knew we’ve been eating all day for our food tour. Now I remember the French paradox!

This is one of the best restaurants in Davao! If you love wine, this is the best place to enjoy a glass or two.



Meet Chef Claude Le Neindre with the Oboza family portrait.



Do you also find yourself loving a restaurant because of its owners? Same feeling with Claude’s. Chef Calude is such a sweet gentleman, he is very lively and jolly, personally taking care of all his diners – even bussing tables! He lets you enjoy your meal and treat each one as his guest.

Claude’s Le Café de Ville is a highly recommended place for those asking where to eat in Davao. French dining set in a cozy lovely ambiance – this is a must!

Claude’s Le Café de Ville
The Oboza Heritage House
143 Rizal Street, Davao City, Philippines
Tel No. 222-4287/227-9405

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Megaworld Fast Tracks Constructions in Iloilo Business Park

June 30th, 2014


Megaworld, the country’s leading real estate developer, is fast tracking the construction of office, commercial, and residential towers in the 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park due to the strong demand, brisk sales and rental inquiries for residential, commercial, and office spaces.

This year, three office towers, namely One Global Center, Two Global Center, and Richmonde Tower are scheduled to be completed. The three towers, with a total of 25,000 square meters of leasable spaces, will be able to to accommodation around 10,000 full time employees (FTW) for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.

Megaworld will also start the construction of another two office towers by August this year: One Techno PLace and Two Techno Place, which will generate an additional 8,000 FTEs in the township. Both towers, with a total of 19,000 square meters of leasable spaces, are scheduled to be completed in early 2016.

“With the heavy influx of inquiries from BPO companies who want to be part of Iloilo Business Park, we see the urgent need to hasten the construction of more office towers to meet the strong demand,” says Jericho P. Go, senior vice president, Megaworld.

StarTek, Inc., a US-based BPO company, has already started its operation in the Richmonde office tower this month of June and is poised to launch its standalone BPO office building at TWo Global Center by 4th quarter of this year.


As the first BPO company opens in Iloilo Business Park, McDonald’s also opens its standalone store in the township. The branch will be the biggest McDonald’s store in Iloilo City, with a total seating capacity of 250. It will have two floors with play place, party area, drive thru, and parking area.

“We are excited to be the first fastfood chain to open in Iloilo Business Park, and we are very happy to serve the Ilonggos who are working and visiting, including those who will be living in this world-class township,” says Eugene Reducing, managing director, Choice Gourmet Banquet, Inc., the franchisee of McDonald’s in Iloilo Business Park.


Aside from office and residential towers, Megaworld has also started the construction of the Megaworld Central Mall and Festive Walk, a 1.1kilometer commercial and retail strip parallel to Iloilo’s Diversion Road. The mall and the first phase of Festive Walk are expected to be completed by second half of 2015.

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, a 151-room business hotel, will also open early next year, just in time for the city’s hosting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) side meetings. The other hote, Courtyard by Marriot, has started its construction and is expected to be completed by end-2015.


The 3,700-seating capacity Iloilo Convention Center has also started its construction and one completed, it will be the biggest and most modern convention facility in Region 6.

Dubbed as the biggest business and tourism hub in Western Visayas, the Iloilo Business Park is expected to bring Megaworld’s pioneering ‘LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN’ township to Western Visayas, following the success of other townships such as the 18.5-hectare Eastwood City, known to the Philippines’ first IT park; the 50-hectare McKinley Hill, 34.5-hectare McKinley West in Fort Bonifacio; the 15.4-hectare Uptown Bonifacio and the 5-hectare Forbes Town Center in Bonifacio Global City; the 25-hectare Newport City in Pasay City, home of the famous Resorts World Manila; the 12.3-hectare Woodside City in Pasig City; the 11-hectare Davao Park District Lanang, Davao City; and the 28.8-hectare the Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

                                                                                                                   - press release

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Could This Be the Best Piaya?

June 24th, 2014


Taking care of my two kids without full-time help while trying to earn a living as a freelance writer can be chaotic. To ensure I’ll be sane, I need to have two “me” times – coffee after picking up kid1 from school and writing when the boys are asleep. And oh, Candy Crush really helps.

Coffee can get lonely if you drink it alone and for today, I enjoyed my cuppa with piaya, a Negrense delicacy of flatbread with muscovado sugar filling. I realized that I forgot to blog about this piaya – seriously, this is the best.

You may have tried BongBong’s ( I love their ube piaya) or Bailon but you should try this. I’m sharing an old photo I took when I first nibbled this treat.



I was gifted with two packs of this organic piaya during the Panaad sa Negros Festival. Take a look at the handwriting..


I know it was good because my husband ate piaya for the first time. And I got lucky, a friend bought this Piaya from Bacolod for us to enjoy this afternoon. Yummy!


My friend bought it at Robinson’s Bacolod but she won’t tell me how much she paid. :)

What I love about FreshStart Organic Piaya? First, the flatbread is not that flaky. My usual complain when eating piaya is the mess but not this one. Of course, it is organic – for those who are into healthy living. And lastly, the taste! I think they added honey, the sweetness was just right and pure.

I sent one pack to my sister in Japan and she liked it. So if you want to let your family and friends try piaya, give them the best impression by letting them taste the best piaya in Bacolod.


So there you go, if you are looking for pasalubong, look for this brand. By the way, THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED post. Just sharing!

Thanks for reading!



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10Monkeys Math World

June 21st, 2014



I don’t know any parent who does not want their child to excel in class. I myself aim that my child will be good in Mathematics because I ‘m completely useless with this subject. Yeah, it sounds very selfish but it’s the truth.


My husband, who is my exact opposite in many ways starting with Mathematics, always tell me that practice is the key to excel in Math.

How can you let your child practice Math without boring him? While other kids are playing on their iPads, your child is answering some workbooks.

I did it before and it was a struggle. But not anymore, thanks to 10Monkeys Math World — a web-based application for your child.



This is the answer to all parents who is always on a challenge to let their child practice Math. My son’s first reaction when using 10Monkeys Math Program is , “Wow, this is fun!“.

This web Math program caters to kids from kindergarten until Grades 1-3. Just perfect for my kids – a third grader and a preschooler.



The interface is very easy to navigate.



I’m very impressed that all contents because they all  coincide with my child’s  lessons in school. In no time, we were practicing his multiplication. During summer vacation, I bought some flash cards, but I knew it started to get boring. 10Monkeys Math World makes Math more fun. Talk about learning while playing!

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 1.02.17 PM



This program has all Math exercises that we all need like Geometry, problem solving, just to name a few. 10Monkeys Math World is not only for practicing, parents can keep track courtesy of its Evaluation Tool feature.



Impressive isn’t it?

Rewards that your child will be getting. Very interactive and appropriate to their preference.





For my preschooler, the content applicable for him is the number recognition and it is fun time. We do this before his nap time.





Studying math is more fun and that means, less stress for us parents telling them to practice. I think it is also a good time for us to train our kids to study on their own- this program is very user-friendly. Of course, we supervise them.

After school, my child “plays” 10Monkeys Math World while I enjoy my afternoon coffee or while I’m preparing for dinner. As a writer and a mom, I salute the people behind this program. The instructions were designed by Lisen Häggblom, PhD, a didactics expert.

For those on school breaks or every weekends, this web program guarantees proactive and educational pastime for your kids. 10Monkeys Math World is an educational web program that you should have on your device.

Join 4.5 million registered users now! Get this web-based Math practicing program starting at $5.99 a year per child. After your purchase, you will be asked to activate a license key that gives you access to the program for 12 months.

10Monkeys Math World is also available in Spanish and works on desktops, laptops, mobile and other devices. Stress-free, enjoy Math with a smile everyday!

Get to know this amazing Math program for your child!

10Monkeys Math World – 

RoRo Schedules for Iloilo-Bacolod, Vice Versa

June 18th, 2014



RoRo ( roll on-roll off) is one of the reasons why I’m one of the few who thinks Gloria Arroyo is a good president. Inter-island travel made easier and you know how comfortable and convenient it is to have your own car during your trips.

However, in our case, we often miss the ship because we have no idea about the different schedules whenever we plan to take RoRo from Iloilo to Negros or going to my hometown in Cebu. If you are planning to take RoRo from Dumangas ( Iloilo) to Bacolod or vice versa, hope this post can help you out.

I took these photos at Bacolod port for our personal travel and I hope you’ll find them useful too. As of this writing, the schedules are correct and still serving.

Montenegro Lines



Tri-Star Lines


We took this ship for our Bacolod-Dumaguete road trip. The ship is cleaner though smaller than Montenegro. Tips for traveling by RoRo is to call for a reservation. Here is the contact number – +63 0920 947 8500


Millennium Shipping with contact information



Travel time from Iloilo via Dumagas to Bacolod is 1.5hours. Fees depend on vehicle type.

Thanks for reading!




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Iloilo Town Celebrates Heritage with Digital Tourism

June 15th, 2014

Photo from press release

The Digital Tourism project aims to enhance the tourists’ experience through Internet and mobile technologies. It involves the creation and installation of interactive markers containing Quick Response (QR) codes and Near Field Communication (NFC) stickers which, when scanned or tapped via a mobile phone, direct users to a website containing more information about the site or structure, including photos and videos.

“The launch perfectly coincides with the celebration of the Independence day,” said Smart Public Affairs Group Head Ramon Isberto. “With digital tourism, we are able to help preserve our history and culture by providing digital content, which can easily be accessed and updated, being stored in the cloud.  So when tourists visit a historical landmark, they have better appreciation of its place in Philippine history.”

This is how an interactive marker looks like. When scanned or tapped via a mobile phone,
users get directed to a website containing more information about the site or structure.


During the launch, six historical sites in Santa Barbara will be tagged with interactive markers. These are the Santa Barbara Parish Church, Flagpole Park, Iloilo Golf and Country Club, Gen. Martin T. Delgado Monument, Santa Barbara Centennial Museum, and Victory Plaza.

Unveiling of the markers during the 116th Independence Day celebration

Unveiling of the markers during the 116th Independence Day celebration


The Digital Tourism project, which recently won an Anvil award of merit, was launched in Cebu City in 2012. The year after, it was launched in Iloilo City. Early this year, it was rolled out in Baguio City and in the municipalities of Argao and Boljoon in Cebu. In the coming years, Smart and InnoPub are set to bring the initiative in many more provinces in the country.

“We’re excited to work with Santa Barbara in Iloilo on Digital Tourism. The project harnesses technology to enhance tourism – two things the Philippines is known for. It uses mobile technology to deliver tourism, cultural and historical information to people through devices that we carry around with us wherever we go: Phones and tablets,” said InnoPub co-founder Max Limpag.

Aside from tagging historical and tourist spots, Smart and InnoPub will also release the Santa Barbara Guide mobile app on June 12. Articles on must-try food and must-visit places in Santa Barbara, the town’s history, as well as the accredited tour operators are listed in this guide.

Santa Barbara Mayor with Smart Communications, Inc representative and InnoPub

Santa Barbara Mayor with Smart Communications, Inc representative and InnoPub


The app also has a “tap to call” feature allowing users to call phone numbers in the app with just a click. It has a directory of important contact numbers of hospitals, emergency units, and police stations. Furthermore, the app provides location data. Some places featured in the guide are GPS-tagged with a “check location” link. With a single tap, the app will suggest routes and directions to the desired destinations via the GPS guide system of the users’ devices.

The Santa Barbara Guide can be downloaded at Google Play Store for free. It can also be accessed via

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*press release

*photos by Antoine Greg of  CafeIlonggo unless stated




Roadtrip to Dumaguete

June 12th, 2014



That’s my mother. One of my summer’s highlights is our roadtrip to Dumaguete. Our route was Iloilo-Bacolod-Dumaguete. Last time we were here was two years ago. Roadtrips are not just fun but they are very convenient and more comfortable particularly those traveling with kids.

It was supposed to be a five-day trip but due to unscheduled duties, we cut it short like 3 days. Obviously, our baggage was half the size of the original.




From Iloilo, we went to the RoRo port in Dumangas and just like our previous land trips to Bacolod, we didn’t make it to our preferred schedule. We finally got on board around 11am.


The sea was calm and my kids were at their best behavior, I can say one of our less stressful RoRo moments. haha! We arrived in Bacolod for our late lunch and you obviously know what we had…chicken inasal!

For dessert, I took my parents to Calea – a must in Bacolod. I also wanted to check  if it will pass my father’s discriminating taste. As expected, my father was not interested to get inside the cafe but he changed his mind and enjoyed the cakes.

My mother on the other hand, was very excited. I hope they can put labels.


It was my first time to dine at their new place. Very Parisian-Victorian inspired decor. My dad loves Calea! He even had an Anton Ego moment with their raisin bread pudding ala monde. Based on my parents’ experience at Calea, it is a recommendable place when looking for places to eat in Bacolod. Right Liam?


It was almost 5pm that we started our roadtrip to Dumaguete. We got stuck in some road repairs in Valladolid, waste of time and poor planning. Too bad we can’t see more roadside views. It was already 8pm that we reached Kabankalan City for our dinner.

We had dinner at Emilio’s Bistro of Zaycoland Resort. Food was so-so but their beef salpicao is good.


The place brought some memories. We stayed here four years ago during my brother’s wedding. Here is a photo of my eldest, Akira. I was pregnant with Liam then.

aki zaycoland

Took some time for the food to be served and we don’t rush when it comes to eating. We continued our trip to Dumaguete past 10 o’clock. And we were tired. My parents and kids were sleeping –  moments that you pity the driver.  I have to stay awake for him to drive safely. We arrived safe and sound in Dumaguete at midnight!

We stayed at Hotel Nicanor though I personally wanted to stay again at Florentina Homes. Aki was not feeling well from the start while Liam just want to watch TV in a very cold room leaving my parents with no choice but to roam around Dumaguete by themselves. We covered the famous sights around the city from our previous visit, so it was fine.

I wanted to check out the museum at Silliman, but I’m a freelance writer, therefore I had to work. My parents went out and about in the city – a real advantage of our hotel located right in the middle of the city.


The next day, we traveled for an hour from Dumaguete to Antulang. Bringing my whole family in Antulang Beach Resort was the climax of our roadtrip to Dumaguete.



We left Antulang before the sun sets, giving us a chance to observe the local scene in Dumaguete like this shorefishing. It would be a great idea to let my kids experience this next time isn’t it?



We had dinner at Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Viewdeck. I love their food and their very agile service.



My parents will be leaving the next day for Cebu ( which is just across Dumaguete) so we thought of enjoying their famous Sans Rival for dessert. We bought pasalubong and enjoyed these cakes. Sans rival is best eaten frozen and I appreciate Dumaguete’s sans rival very much.  I love their coffee too. The place can be crowdy but the staff were all polite and fast.

For our last day, we did what tourists for souvenirs! The hotel is just a few steps away from the nearest department store so my mom and I did a little shopping with Liam while my father babysat Aki. One last lunch and we bid goodbye to my parents. My own family left Dumaguete around 4pm after our halohalo at Cafe Laguna and did the roadtrip once again. We arrived in Iloilo at 1 am!

Roadtrip from Iloilo to Dumaguete and vice versa has that conflicting experience – tiring but relaxing at the same time. And that’s why I love road trips? How about you? What’s your memorable roadtrip?

Thanks for reading!




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